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We live in tempestuous times, encountering  the Tarot’s Tower in our personal and collective lives on a daily basis it seems.

And while the Tower’s destruction can’t be dismissed, there is also an invitation for those seekers who desire to see below or rise above the chaos to do the work of shifting consciousness from the carnage of collapse to the possibility of remaking the Tower’s fallen stones into something utterly different, better, more beautiful. Magic has often been called the art of shifting consciousness.

So, yes, we can be said to live in magical times. Along with the tempest, we are invited to make magic.

This lunar year’s Soul Path Sanctuary’s e-news will seek to be a magical support arriving in your in-boxes right around the new moon. 

Each new moon has an astrological placement that connects it to a specific Major Arcana, numbered Minor card, and Court Card. (This combination of cards is the same the Soul Path Practices, which guided my weekly practice for years on Art of Change Tarot.)

When she is new, the moon sends a message about the path it will travel through the coming cycle. With this knowledge, we can open up to celestial advice – translated through the Tarot – of how we can best respond to the happenings and lessons of the moonth. We can follow the Soul Shaping Path of the Moon.

Also new for this lunar year, I will feature a different face and place of the Tarot’s Justice card in each moonthly e-news. This is part of Soul Path Sanctuary’s year-long devotion to Justice through 2017.

There will be other goodies and announcements of tele-circles of meditations and sharing, but I put a lot of effort into crafting each e-missive so they arrive only once or twice a moonth.

My wish for my e-news readers this year is to offer you support for moving through these chaotic times with reminders of and practices for weaving Love, Beauty, Justice, and Joy as constantly renewing possibilities into your life.

Please join me.