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Change Model: Transitions and the Hanged Man

There are a number of change models that I find inspiring.  Each one offers unique insights into different types of changes we as individuals and groups go through.  I’ll be blogging about a number of them.  Today, we’ll look at Bridges’ Transition Model. William Bridges, English professor turned psychologist and change process consultant, has written [...]

Change and the Unknown

Mary Greer has an interesting post on her blog about a 1935 deck and one of the Tarot spreads included in the little instruction book accompanying the deck.  The spread uses 13 cards, but you only turn over 5 of the cards.  The rest must remain facedown; you never see them.  In the comments, Mary [...]

The Moon and Cycles of Change

At last week’s Tarot Playgroup we explored the Moon card (#18) through looking at the meanings ascribed to the card over time, taking a meditative journey into the card, and, as always, reading for each other. From my time spent with this card, I took away a new understanding of what the Moon offers us [...]

Quotes on change & growth

We can connect with our own birthing and dying - not as two discrete happenings which will mark the beginning and ending of a linear experience called life, but rather as two ever present aspects of a continuous process whose revolutions stretch forth into infinity.  Sallie Nichols, Jung and Tarot:  An Archytipcal Journey You take [...]