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The Lovers, Looking, and the Gulf Coast

Preparing for a Tarot meditation session on the Lovers, it struck me:  the invitation of the Lovers is to look.  The card’s call is as simple and as challenging as looking.  On the simple end of the continuum, something comes into our awareness, we see (or touch or taste) it, and move on.  In these [...]

New Hierophants for New Times?

I lead monthly Tarot meditation sessions where we journey into the cards to meet the wisdom figures there.  This month we focused on the Hierophant and this figure was offering surprises.  As the card in the Tarot most connected with rules, assigned roles, and established teaching or principles, the Hierophant is not the usual suspect [...]

What We Might Learn from Plants and the Five Green Allies Spread

I wondered while gazing upon the Gaian Teacher about what questions the plants pictured might ask us if we could understand their language. I looked at Joanna’s companion book and my own herb books to see their properties as well as drew to mind my experience with these plants. I felt that each plant offered [...]