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In English that’s: “We’d like to wish you an excellent start to the Lunar New Year   (Thanks to the New York Times for the Chinese.)

Happy Year of the Monkey, which begins today signaled by the new moon that arrived this morning at 9:39am ET in the U.S.A. If you receive my e-news or follow this blog, you know that I follow lunar patterns even as I live in solar world for the awareness of the dance of dark and light, moon and sun, mystery and illumination that this practice sparks.

Alchemical StrengthTo mark the occasion, I offer the Moon and Sun Conjunction Reading to help align your lunar and solar parts for a fuller expression of your truest self.

MOON: What part of you that has been more hidden or mysterious is emerging to more opening offer guidance?

SUN: What part of you is already actively cooperating with the flow of life so you are living out of your passion/purpose?

CONJUNCTION: How to help these parts work together for your Soul Self to be expressed?

You can order this as an e-reading for $22. Here is a sample of how I do these readings in a collaborative intuitive format. I have slots to do these readings toward the end of the week (Thursday – Saturday).  [wp_eStore:product_id:33:end]

Image is from The Alchemical Tarot by Robert M. Place

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