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Urban Wisdom Wander

For Seekers – From Art of Change Tarot – Seasonal Observances

The June 4th Wander is postponed due to family (of a feline variety) needs. When I reschedule, I will repost.

Join a small group of fellow seekers (about 10) on an urban Wisdom Wander to seek symbols in the city and find nature’s wisdom even amidst tall buildings.

As part of my Walking the Ways of the Summer Light season long ritual, this Wisdom Wander will help you tune into your intuitive self, receive wisdom from the season, identify the questions that you most need to ask yourself right now, and prepare for the illumination of the Summer Solstice on June 20th.

No Tarot experience required but it would be a good idea to have some kind of deck (I’m happy to help you think about a deck that would be best for you and the wanders). Pre-registration, however, is required (see below).

The flow of the wanders includes:

  • Group gathering to greet each other, name our seeking selves, and get an orientation to the idea of urban wisdom wandering.
  • Selecting Tarot or oracles cards to serve as guides for what to pay attention to as we wander the city.
  • Time to wander on your own.
  • Reflection time on your own.
  • A closing sharing circle.

We will gather at the Paley Pocket Park on East 53rd (with the communal table of Le Pain Quotidian as a rain back up) and this area of the city close to Central Park, Museum of Modern Art, St. Patrick’s Cathedral and so much more will our place of wandering. We’ll re-gather at 1:30pm. Full details upon registration.

paley park waterfall by JohnPhoto by John Laux

To hold a space for yourself and and receive the 16 page full-color PDF that gives an overview of the Wisdom Wanders and the whole Walking the Ways of the Summer Light is only $19

I’ll suggest that you wander on your own, but we will start and end in circle with each other. I have these basic guidelines I like to follow for the group work that I lead:

LISTENING: Listening will be the greatest gift we can offer to each other.

SHARING: We will share our stories with each other.  We will offer each other insights from our own experience – and each one of us gets to choose which of the offerings will be useful to use, follow, or discard.  Each one of us owns our own experience.

OFFERING: We can offer the wisdom we know from our various traditions.  In our diverse group, to make and view the offerings as prompts for inspiration rather than absolute truths might be the most beneficial perspective to carry.

BEING PRESENT: You are invited to leave the outside world behind as much as possible as a gift to yourself and others.

SEEKING: We recognizing that we are each on a path and doing the best that we can.  Sometimes making mistakes and sometimes tapping into deep wisdom.  Our perfectly imperfect selves are welcomed into the group.

CONFIDENTIALITY: We’ll be discussing practice, seasonal insights and the Tarot that can be shared, but individual stories will not be shared beyond the day.


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