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Fire Wisdom Wander 2016

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This is the fourth Wisdom Wander of the Walking the Ways of the Summer Light series. The focus is on the element of Water. 

This Fire Wisdom Wander would be especially appropriate to do on the Solstice, June 20th. This moonth’s e-reading, Dance with the Sun, is also a good resource for finding the illumination at this time of year. I have three slots to do e-readings on Saturday, June 18th. Sign up quick if you want one.


Prepare to Explore Fire: Take a moment to ponder the element of Fire as you’ve experienced it manifested in your life. How often are you aware of Fire? What forms does Fire take? Where do you experience Fire in these various forms? What role does Fire play in your life? Let the ideas emerge like sparks and when one really grabs your attention follow that idea toward the location for your Fire Wisdom Wander.

Invite your Way Showers / Guides / Inquisitors / Translators for the Day:  If working with a Tarot deck, you may want to pull your cards from just the suit of Fire / Wands or some combination of the Fire suit and the Major Arcana. As I see each Major Arcana as an image of Wholeness, I work with the idea that each individual Major card contains the power of all the elements.

fire guides and lessonsThere was an interesting contrast of shadow and illumination in my 2015 Wisdom Wander cards from  The Oracle of Initiation and The Shining Tribe


What belongs to Fire? Where does it show itself? Where is it hidden or blocked? What belongs to other elements? You won’t need to and won’t be able to ignore the presence of Earth, Air, and Water. All the elements mix to make our dynamic world. But you are invited to tune into Fire’s energy and the unique ways that it shows itself, including within …

fire site mandala horizontal

  • The Sun: Life on the planet is made possible because of the star, our Sun, that the Earth circles. Plants and trees use the sun to make their food and we creatures eat them to gain the energy we need to live. In The Earth Path, Starhawk describes our relationship to the sun with playful metaphor, writing: “In four or five steps at most, we go back to the sun. All life is, in a sense, a transformation of energy into form. We are sunlight at a vast costume party, dressing itself up in one form after another, discarding one outfit to pick up a different one.” The sun’s continual abundance is a great gift of the cosmos to sustain our lives.
  • The Moon: The changing light of the moon is an indirect form of the sun’s light. Sometimes the moon offers a full reflection of sun and the night landscape is almost as clear as in the day. But at other times, the night is dark and the moon in shadow. This reminds us we can not always live in the sun, at full energy, in clarity. There is darkness for rest and as a place where things are hidden and less apparent, which can be both gift and lesson.
  • Spark, flame, blaze, ember, and burnt remains: Actual fire is a direct and obvious way to explore the element. Along with observing fire’s actions, checking in on what happens to what remains once the flame is extinguished can take you into the depths of Fire. Fire in the natural world is both destructive and regenerative. Wild fires destroy what ever lies in its path, but afterwards soil has new nutrients and the clearing away of obstacles to sun reaching the forest floor invites new growth. Fire moves quickly but has a long term impact.
  • Embodied and Subtle Energy: Fire is the energy that exists within the forms of cells that act together to become plants, trees, animals, and our own bodies. The convergence of cells to form a whole is a mirror to how individual beings come together to contribute to a larger habitat or energy system. Finding the right balance of predator and prey, complementary plants and insects as well as inputs of fire, water, earth, and air (in this case literally rather than elementally) are what make a healthy landscape. In such a landscape we sense good energy or spirit of place. In a landscape that has been depleted, the spirit can be low or heavy, and is experienced as negative. This sense beyond the physical is the subtle energy that exists apart from science’s measurement but that spiritual practitioners have named and communed with as ch’i, prana, or auras. Impacting inputs in the subtle can be formless qualities such as love, anger, fear, compassion.
  • Exchange: Energy is constantly in movement and being exchanged: when we flip a light switch (energy comes from plant to lamp), as we eat (energy of the plant or creature being eaten is transferred to the one doing the eating), and during sex (it’s a high energy act from everyone from insects to humans and the exchange of cells starts the race toward a new being of embodied energy).

And as you are exploring – and you’ll certainly have to use your imaginal senses to do this – tune into the cells in your body. Can you feel the tingle of their fires at a specific spot? What is happening to the whole energy flow of your body? Where inside of you do you feel positive flow? Where do you feel blockages of flow?


Fire questions are the questions that might lead to sudden illumination. They might seem to come out of nowhere.  Just let ‘em come.  Give them some attention and they’ll expand from the energy you offer them.

Here are a few that have come to me on Fire Wisdom Wanders:

  • How can my fears move me toward my greatest achievements?
  • What if I dared to be flame?
  • What fills me with wonder? How can I do some of that right now?


As you wander you may receive messages, either for you as an individual or for the collective. You may receive images that speak louder than words. You may experience a sensation that isn’t easily explained. You may feel called to share what you receive. Perhaps the Fire will share a message through you. Please do that sharing in what ever way feels right; tell a story to a friend, post on Facebook, write something for your blog, whisper some to the moon. Social media mavens, you may want to use hash tags of #wisdomwander #fire for tracking. Your comments here on the blog are welcome as well.

This is the last Wisdom Wanders post for this years Walking the Ways of the Summer Light series. There will be a brief pause in Walking the Ways posting so I can bask in the Solsticetide. On June 27th , four weekly posts on Pilgrimage as a place to find insight into the questions we have gathered on our Wisdom Wanders will begin.

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