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Waiting with the Dark: Dark Power

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There is no end to death.

There is no end to birth.

And what has been lost, lives still in the dark,

waiting for its moment

waiting for its form

into which to be re-born.

These are the 2015 Guardians from the Dark Goddess Tarot who inspired my poem above


This third week of Waiting with the Dark begins with a quarter moon and ends with the dark moon on Sunday, the 17th. Yes, we are in the darkest time of the year.

Who are the guardians at your gateway to Solstice illumination?

Tarot and oracles helps to meet these guardians at the gateway, to learn their lessons and receive their support.

Pull a card to represent the first guardian who has a message for you of a lesson to learn necessary for your re-birth. Pull a second guardian card to represent a message of support being sent to you as you enter deep Dark.

This week we light four candles and blow two out, creating the gateway to Solstice through ritual. As you sit with your two candles lit, bring out your guardian cards.

Weave their messages together and cross under the archway of their wisdom into the longest nights in the week ahead.

You would like to receive more support and inspiration to travel through this darkest week? You can sign up today for Descent and Return of the Light, an e-retreat in everyday life that will guide you through release and renewal in the dark so you ready to tend the returning light after the Solstice. 

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