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Faces and Spaces of Justice: Maat of the Dark Goddess Tarot

Maat is our guide for the moonth that arrives on January 27, 2017 and follows the Soul Shaping Path of the Star This face of Justice: Ellen Lorenzi-Prince’s Dark Goddess Tarot brings Goddesses from across cultures to life with not only beautiful images but powerful words. In her Dark Goddess Tarot companion book she introduces [...]

Persephone Descending: Letters to the Dead

In March, before the Equinox, and as the moon opened to fullness, I had an experience that is basically inexpressible because of its power and because of its commonness. I sensed the moment the seasons shifted as the moon rose over a river filling with spring’s ice floes. To convey a glimpse into the mystery [...]

Pilgrimage Week 1: Departure from the Threshold

This is the first of four weeks of posts on pilgrimage as part of the seasonal ritual Walking the Ways of the Summer Light. The ritual began with four weeks of elemental Wisdom Wanders before the Solstice. You don't have to have done the Wisdom Wanders to join in on the sacred travel at the center [...]

Tending the Returning Light Tele-Sharing Circles

Join a small group of fellow seekers (no more than 6) to share your stories of what you are experiencing as you tend the returning light and deepen your exploration with meditation and special Tarot spreads. (If you would like an overview of the themes explored, check out the full Descent and Return of the [...]

Descent and Return of the Light

From October 31st to February 1st, I will be marking the Descent and Return of the Light here in the Northern Hemisphere with ritual, writings, and special offerings from my Tarot practice.  There will be in-person activities here in Western Massachusetts as well as on-line events and special blog posts to take advantage of from [...]