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Solstice Seed at Equinox Reflection & Spread

Happy Equinox! At this time of year, day and night stand equal inviting us to contemplate and connect with balances of light and dark, life and death, grief and joy. As we tend these opposites we may come to know how they each contain the other, and how they work together to bring forth the [...]

Persephone Descending: Letters to the Dead

In March, before the Equinox, and as the moon opened to fullness, I had an experience that is basically inexpressible because of its power and because of its commonness. I sensed the moment the seasons shifted as the moon rose over a river filling with spring’s ice floes. To convey a glimpse into the mystery [...]

Balance at the Threshold Reading

Recently, I stood on the dike along the Connecticut River watching the ice floes come down from the North. First, there were just the sludgy, half-submerged chunks with their edges clicking together in surface water. Then whole islands of white snow took their place and set a new pace floating toward the sea. Finally and [...]