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Pilgrimage Week 3: The Center

This is the third of four weeks of posts on pilgrimage as part of the seasonal ritual Walking the Ways of the Summer Light. The pilgrimage posts began with Departure from the Threshold and continued with Journey. Pilgrimage is a spiral practice. Within pilgrimage’s ample container are many practices and rituals that circle together to form the [...]

Water Wisdom Wander 2016

This is the third Wisdom Wander of the 2016 Walking the Ways of the Summer Light series. The focus is on the element of Water.  PREPARE FOR AND BEGIN YOUR WATER FLOW Enter Water’s Flow: Water moves if not contained so you might just flow out of one moment and into the next paying attention as [...]

Water Wisdom Wander 2015 – Report from the Wander

This is the third Wisdom Wander of the 2015 Walking the Ways of the Summer Light series. The focus is on the element of Water. The purpose is to commune with the element and gather questions (rather than answers). At Solstice-tide a question will be selected to answer on a Pilgrimage.  As water moves if not [...]

Wild Wisdom on Wednesday – Grief of Water

When the one whose life is intertwined with yours dies, the tides take you. Carry you out to sea, send you shifting into the Bay of Fundy. This trough at the crumbling end of a mountain chain funnels first the sea to fill and fill in a 50 foot rise of water. This is your inundation. Shore [...]

Wild Wisdom on Wednesday: Dream of Water

Water seeks flow: melt of snow and glacier; reach of ocean, over and over again caressing the shore; an insistent stream cutting rock, tending trees all the way downhill.  The dream of water is to flow. And from the flow, beauty:  the shape of the land changed and charged; the color of water clear delight; [...]