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From Art of Change Tarot

In this three-session series, led by Carolyn Cushing of Art of Change Tarot and co-founder of the Massachusetts Tarot Society, you will go deeper into meaning making, finding patterns in the cards, and developing your style as a Tarot practitioner.

Diving Deeper into the Meaning and Purpose of the Tarot

We’ll start with a brief overview of the purpose and uses of Tarot and then focus our attention on productive ways to use Tarot as a guide / support for living and decision making. We’ll deepen our abilities to make meaning with the Tarot by exploring how cards exist in relationship to each other and amplify or curb basic individual card meanings. Topics touched upon will include elemental associations and dignities, visual scanning, and numerology.

Working with and Creating Tarot Spreads

Spreads help us to focus our meaning making with individual cards and to see overall patterns of the cards in relationship. We’ll spend time with the perhaps most famous of all spreads, the Celtic Cross, and look at how we can create our own spreads to meet our individual needs.

Developing a Personal Tarot Reading Style

We each have unique gifts as people and so, of course, also as Tarot practitioners. There is no one way to work with the Tarot! We’ll identify elemental strengths / affinities and weaknesses / aversions and match them to best ways for you to work with the Tarot and keep developing your own personal style. We’ll cover one special topic identified in the class before (i.e. court cards, reversals, dealing with difficult cards).

Each session is 2 hours long.

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