Journey into the Tarot Sharing Calls

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From Art of Change Tarot

General Plan for Sharing Circles


  • Do the meditation for the card that provides the focus.  Try to identify the most important image, gift, question, impression, energy, or sense that you received from the card.  If it is very vague that is OK.  Sometimes we have vivid memories of meditations and sometimes it is foggier.
  • Find / bring / identify a version of the card that most inspires you to the call.  [OK, I know this could be hard in some cases.  Maybe you can bring two J]
  • Have a Tarot deck handy while you are on the call.


  • There will be guided rounds of sharing.  I will call on people and you can always pass if you don’t want to share / share at that time.  When you are done sharing, you say, “Thank you for listening” so we know you are done.
  • We may also have discussion where people offer ideas to each other on what has been shared.  You can decide if you want this kind of feedback.  If you don’t want feedback, you can say that.  We can ask each other before offering ideas.  And we each are the ultimate authorities on the meaning of the meditation for ourselves.
  • There will be an open and a closing.
  • The length of the calls will depend on how many people are on the call.  I will work to keep the formal part to no more than an hour. Informal conversation can continue after the formal end.

General Flow of Activities:

  • Intros – Name, location, and a question about you inspired by the card we are exploring.
  • Connecting with the Energy of the Card we are Exploring – This will be a short meditative piece.
  • Sharing Circle on Meditation Experience
  • Discussion
  • Closing with a Final Lesson / Gift – We’ll most likely be pulling a card from a whole deck


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