The Moon and Cycles of Change


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moonAt last week’s Tarot Playgroup we explored the Moon card (#18) through looking at the meanings ascribed to the card over time, taking a meditative journey into the card, and, as always, reading for each other.

From my time spent with this card, I took away a new understanding of what the Moon offers us in thinking about change and the cycles of life.  The moon cycles of waxing and waning, light and dark are more subtitle markers of change in our lives than days or even a year.  A day (presided over by the Sun card, #19) with its quick passage allows us to look back easily and reflect on what happened, and a year (that can be connected to the Wheel, #10), while lacking the details of the daily, offers us markers of seasons and holidays as guideposts to see patterns of change in our lives and the world.

But a moon cycle – or lunation – requires a different type of attention.  In our modern lives, we can live in our well lighted houses barely noticing the moon.  But reflections on the 28 days of a moon cycle or a month can be revealing.  I use a planner, the Sacred Journey Journal, that has a space for reflection and the end of the month and I have been surprised at how much happens in a month:  often there are dramatic ups and downs, progress and set backs, numerous amazing events all crammed into a short period of time.  To pay attention to this passage of time constructs memory in a different way.  We can note more of the waxing and dark times of life along with what was clearly seen in the light.  Deep memory dwells in the cycles of the moon.

Our Listening to the Moon reading was based on the 4 main phases of the moon.  It could be used as a general reading or tied to a specific topic that you want to explore.  Here are the questions:

#1:  What is waning / passing away (in my life in general or in regard to my intuition or …)?

#2:  What is hidden from me right now (in my life in general or in regard to my intuition or …)?

#3:  What is waxing / growing stronger (in my life in general or in regard to my intuition or …)?

#4:  What is full of light and inspiring (in my life in general or in regard to my intuition or …)?

anna-k-07379Someone brought the Anna K Tarot deck to the Playgroup and it was fabulous to see!  The World card actually contains a beautiful picture representing the moon cycles and it is here for your enjoyment.  Be sure to visit Anna K’s site to see more.

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