First Tarot Meditation Session at Awen Tree


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“Meditation is stopping, calming, and looking deeply.”  Thich Nhat Hanh

 Buddhist teacher and peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh has wonderfully simple ways of getting to the heart of spiritual concepts.  Still, there are a range of meditation practices and outcomes.  Matthew Fox, theologian of Creation Spirituality, looks at meditation across traditions and sorts approaches into two categories:  the emptying kind and the filling kind.  Although the immediate picture that may come to mind when thinking about meditation is sitting cross legged and emptying the mind of thought, there are also approaches involving guided visualizations and the imagination.  I believe that a powerful practice is to combine both approaches, which is what we did at the first Tarot Meditation group at Awen Tree this past Monday.

 We began by shaking off the day the distractions of the day and did some deep breathing.  We imagined connecting ourselves to earth and drawing up that energy to balance our bodies’ energy centers known as chakras.  We opened ourselves up to the energy of the universe, and then imagined walking into a Major Arcana card that we had selected before the meditation began.  We engaged with the figures in the card and left with a gift of wisdom to better understand the deep meaning of the card and our own lives.

 After our journeys, we briefly shared some of the wisdom learned, and I walked away with new insight into the meaning of three cards:


aleister-crowley-thoth-03688starThe Star really is a representative of the whole celestial realm.  She is a multitude rather than singular and always there to support us in our healing.  We just need to open our eyes to see what is available to us and tap into these resources.  Humans once had a stronger connection to the Star and we just need to open ourselves back up to this light.  The Star demands no effort of us, just openness.



rider-waite-03676fool I am looking at The Fool in a new way as a warrior of the heart.  In some places, it is seen as foolish to lead with your heart, but The Fool is fierce with a playful appearance in pursuit of the demands of the heart.




gaian-02896highpriestessThe High Priestess is offering her wisdom to us, always and without condition.  There is a tear in her backdrop and this wound or imperfection is a way to enter into and accept her invitation. 




It was a rich night of learning with ease and openess.  Thanks to those who came out for this first session.  These will be happening monthly on the second Monday of the month.

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August 26, 2009, 12:17 am Adam Lafield

This was such a great workshop! I’m hoping to attend the next one in September so I can explore another card that has been showing up for me lately. My card that night had really been trying to send me a message, and it was all laid out for me during the meditation. It’s funny because now that card doesn’t show up as much in my spreads. I think what I learned during the workshop was that card’s entire message for me at that time. When there’s more to learn, I’m sure she’ll come back to me again. =)

August 27, 2009, 5:44 pm Carolyn

Greetings, Adam! So glad that you enjoyed the session and thank you for being the messenger of the Star’s wisdom. We actually talked about that idea that Star(s) are always there for us. Looking forward to September!

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