Getting Ready for Beyond Worlds Tarot Podcast on Nov. 6


From Art of Change Tarot

I am very excited that I will be a guest on Beyond Worlds coming up November 6th on the topic of Different Decks for Different Needs.

I have prepared a survey that Tarot lovers can take to give input on your thoughts on decks that work well for different purposes.  You may have heard that it was “closed,” but that was some little technical blip and all seems to be working fine.  And so interesting, it “closed” itself when it hit 78 responses.  That number may be familiar to you as the number of cards in a Tarot deck!

Here is the link to the survey:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/WLJ8HC2

Here is the description that I’ve done up for the show:

“Why do we have all these kids?”  asks George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life before he is awakened to his own necessary and special place in his community.  Is there similar question for the Tarot family, “Why do we have all these decks?”  Perhaps each deck, too, has a wonderful gift, a unique perspective to offer.

Carolyn Cushing from Art of Change Tarot will join us to talk about findings from a survey of the Tarot community about decks that offer special insights into questions such as those related to love, work, and spiritual issues as well as all purpose decks.  She’ll also share a process she developed for using the Gaian Tarot to inspire your sacred/contemplative practice as an example of how to make a match between a deck and a seeker’s need.   

Warning:  This call will make you want to go out and buy more decks!

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November 6, 2011, 5:29 pm Paris

“Break a leg!”
(And say hello to D. for me!)

November 6, 2011, 8:38 pm Carolyn

Thanks, Paris! I am looking forward to it. We’ll have lots to talk about with all the fab survey ideas.

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