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I had such fun discussing the results of our survey of the Tarot community on different decks for different needs with Georgianna and Donnaleigh on Beyond Worlds – Your Tarot Tribe last night.

They are a lively pair and you must listen in to hear their offerings and jokes such as Georgianna’s passion for the Thoth and Donnaleigh’s for the Divine Legacy.  I also got to share my long percolating thoughts on how different decks do things in readings.  And the creative brilliance of the Tarot community was on display with all kinds of ideas on how to work with decks.  A favorite one was creating an amalgamated deck from your favorite cards of many decks.  Then there are, of course, tips on decks for romance/relationship, work/money,  and spirituality/contemplative practice.

Listen into to the show here:


We didn’t get to cover everything so you might also want to take a look at the notes I prepared for the show:  Survey Results Notes 11.4.11

Then if you are still game for more exploring you can check the full results of the survey on line until November 15 at

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