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December with its long nights – we’ll have the longest one on Wednesday into Thursday! – offers a secret gift to those who are able to step beyond the holiday noise:  silence, magical light of both sun and moon, and an invitation to deep reflection.  Beth Owl’s Daughter has a wonderful blog post on how these are Halcyon days invite us to step into time out of time.

I love to build reflective activities into these days and a favorite activity these past couple of years has been to gather with a group of people to do a Wheel of the Year spread.  This past Saturday, I was able to do it with a large and lovely group of people at the Massachusetts Tarot Society.   

My spread is inspired by the seasonal awareness that springs from the Celtic and Pagan tradition and includes cards for lessons of season and how to meet them.  This handout, Wheel of the Year 12.17.11 , presents the whole spread and offers suggestions for how to work with it throughout the year.   And as you may already heard (I talk about it alot!), the Gaian Tarot Wheel is my favorite Tarot image for the Wheel and so it had to accompany this post!

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December 20, 2011, 12:51 pm owlsdaughter

Thank you for your generous mention, dear Carolyn. I do need to note, however, that except for our friends in the Southern Hemisphere, we are experiencing the shortest days here, not nights. 🙂

December 20, 2011, 3:32 pm Carolyn

Ha, ha! I seem to want to be in Australia! And it is a sign that I am moving too fast! Thanks for pointing it out Beth, and the correction has been made!

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