Body of the Hanged Man Spread



Feet –

Card 1:  What is some aspect of your life you’ve taken for granted that it would be beneficial to honor at this time?

Card 2: How can I do that honoring?

Legs –

Card 3:  In what area of my life have I been applying will and domination to meet challenges but need a different approach for the good of all?

Card 4: What new approach could I take to this challenge?


Hidden Hands:

Card 5:  What do I just need to stop doing to advance on move forward on my journey?

Card 6:  What can help me to stop?


Head in the Earth:

Card 7:  How does the earth receive me?

Card 8:  What message does earth have for me at this time?

Card 9:  How can I continue to commune with the earth?

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