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Welcome to another Tarot Blog Hop.  I am delighted to be receiving the blog baton from Donna Louise Faber and to then hand off to Beauty History Magic.  [If you are finding your way here through Rowan Tarot, you actually should be moving on to  A little mix up in the blog order.] 

We know the sun as a daily companion and feel its fire.  On May Day, the first day of summer in the Celtic calendar and known as Beltane, we celebrate the life that this fire calls forth from the earth’s trees, flowers, grass, and weeds.  We walk amidst new sprouting shoots and know the gifts of the returning sun.

But the sun is not the only fire in our lives.  There are also secret fires that feed us.

There are fires that burn in each cell of our body.  Ecologist Rachel Carson, noting she is using language that is more poetic than precise writes, “a living cell, like a flame, burns fuel to produce the energy on which all life depends.”  She quotes a chemist who, too, finds the poetry in the smallest circles of life and reminds us of what would happen without their sparks:  “no heart could beat, no plant could grow upward defying gravity, no amoeba could swim, no sensation could speed along a nerve, no thought could flash in the human brain.”

There is a fire at the center of the earth.  The core of the earth is a mass of molten alloy that burns in the thousands of degrees Fahrenheit.  Geologist Marcia Bjornerud describes how the earth’s just-right size allows it retain the perfect amount of energy from its deep unseen core to support a dynamic system for life.  Not only is there a sun in the sky, but there is one deep within the earth.

How do we know of these fires?  Scientists use their instruments to identify and study the cells.  But the quest for the smallest parts of the cell continues; the infinitesimal building blocks of life elude our view for now.  The earth’s core has never been probed, but scientists speculate about it by monitoring seismic waves from earthquakes, for example, and measuring their impact upon the whole of the earth.

And what about our personal fires? 

The Celts loved triplicities and their cosmos was made up of three realms.  Taking our inspiration from them today, we might imagine our personal fires as burning on three levels:  Our Apparent Light, Our Inner Sparks, and OurDeep Core Source.

And the Tarot can be our instrument of measurement, can aid us in our searching, can offer us the evidence of the impact of our fires burning in the world. 

A Spread for the Fire That Tends to All

You may find it fruitful to start by separating your deck into three piles:

  1. Your court / people / vision cards to use in the Apparent Light position.  These are aspects of our personality shining forth and being perceived by others.
  2. Your numbered cards to use in the Inner Sparks position. These are the actions of your life creating light and heat.
  3. Your Major Arcana cards to use in theDeep Core Source position.  They represent this powerful energy at the center of your being that you can be explored but never known entirely.  There is an essence of mystery surrounding this position, just as it surrounds the Majors cards that seem to me to be delightfully impossible to fully understand.

Position One:  My Apparent Light – What is the energy that I am showing to the world?

Position Two, Three, and Four:  Inner Sparks – What are the sparks that are moving me forward in the everyday?

Position Five: Deep Core Source – What is the deep fire that sustains me?

Here is my layout using the Shining Tribe.  I’ll write about it in the comments.

May your fires be well tended on this day and in this season.  And may you shine forth your gifts into the world.  We need them.  Be well!

Please continue your blog hop explorations at Beauty History Magic. 

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May 1, 2012, 12:08 pm alisoncross

I’ll try that spread later this evening, thank you!

May 1, 2012, 12:09 pm Carolyn

My personal layout – Using Rachel Pollack’s The Shinning Tribe

Apparent Fire – Here I have the Gift of Stones from the Shining Tribe (a rough correspondence to the Queen of Pentacles) that centrally shows the outlines of two early Greek temples in the shape of the mother goddess. So I am showing forth my energy for the sacred that comes through our ancient traditions and the body of the goddess, i.e. the earth! I’m also drawn to the upper detail that shows an arch, key hole and water. There is something of helping to get a glimpse into the mysterious beyond. I do feel like this is energy that shining out from this blog post. So there, the Tarot as mirror!
My Inner Sparks – 2 of Birds, 3 of Birds, and 9 of Stones. I feel compelled to read them as a line, as a story because of the progression of number. 2 of Birds is about still having energy tied up in a past situation that you think you’ve moved on from but are still attached to; the birds face away from each other but are there behind each other). At Readers Studio, James Wells lead us through techniques for grieving loses and I realized that there is a situation where I have some work to do. And the 3 of Birds offers me a picture of being able to do that work, to deal with the painful swords, and, in the Shining Tribe, it shows the energy immediately unlocked for new expression. The reward is time in my beautiful inner garden, where the flowers are expressions of the beauty of the stars that birth the whole of the cosmos.
My Deep Core Source – V, Tradition (corresponds to the Hierophant). What I love about this card is that it is a reflection of the idea of this post: there is a sun in the sky, the 5 rocks are like individual cells serving a whole, and the center circle could be the earth’s fiery core! The rocks are each at the end of a pathway which represents to me different spiritual / religious traditions. And I am feed but the unique gifts of so many traditions. But as they move forward from the rocks, they become pathways of light that mingle at the center showing me the essence of traditions feeding a fire that lights our ways beyond the difference of our traditions, and, yes, this deeply feeds me!

As I look down and across the layout, I see that slow, stead earth energy is what is feeding my fire. It appears at every level in both the pictures and the elemental / astrological correspondences. This feels good! At Readers Studio this past weekend, I spent a lot of time looking at how much of my expression is watery emotion and I sent off a lot of fire as I worked with wonderful groups of people and lead the morning meditations. After that intense experience it is good to come home to earth!

May 1, 2012, 3:08 pm Arwen

Excellent. And this is a spread that really speaks to me as well.

May 1, 2012, 3:16 pm Carolyn

Glad to hear it, Arwen! I’m tickled that I quote 2 women scientists in my Tarot post!

May 1, 2012, 9:13 pm Claire-Marie Le Normand

I’ve been exploring Celtic notions of fire lately and this was very resonant with that.

And, as far as fires inside cells go, I have always thought of ADP–ATP as a very small fire, because it is an oxidation. Altho what goes on inside a flame is not a flame, flames are oxidation too, just quicker and hotter than, say, rust.


May 1, 2012, 9:50 pm Carolyn

Yes! This is the connection that Rachel Carson makes. I love the combo of ancient Celtic wisdom and modern science.

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