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From Unstoppable Wholeness – Poetry

Buddhas Below Great Mother


Unstoppable Wholeness

We live in bodies,
not our own.

They belong to the whole
of air and its circuses:
hawk’s form above moused fields,
squirrel’s dive for bending branch,
sanderling’s ocean flight beyond net

They belong to the whole
of rain and its passengers:
liquid life for soil,
but bits of broken sky fall, too;
dark matter from factory’s plume

They belong to the whole
of fire and its actions:
Western sun burns mountain brush,
sparks spring from body’s smallest parts
until broken cells lose heart’s heat,
take breath from bird,
from woman,
from any one of us

who wait
in permeable flesh
for Earth’s folds to take us down
where fire, water, air, and bone
blend bright
and everlasting.

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