Week of February 24 Practices: The Builder – 5 of Earth – Guardian of Water


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Each week I pull cards to inspire contemplative practice.  In 2011, I started using the Gaian Tarot as a prompt for practice as its minor cards showed such clear images of people engaged in practices that grounded and connected them to earth, to spirit, to the Whole.  The method evolved to serve the Gaian community and to use the majors as path cards and the people as posture/attitude cards. You are invited to use the cards below to inspire your practice, and, if you like, share your reflections in the comments.  You are also free to draw your own cards.

Gaian 4-builderPATH:  Use Pile 1 / Majors and Aces to pull a card for the question:  What sacred path would best serve the group this week?  THE BUILDER invites us to walk this week on pathways of …

  • Working in harmony and alignment with earth principles.
  • Creating solid and beautiful structures to support harmony between people and between the human and other-than-human world.
  • Embracing your unique talents and skills and then using the authority they give you to act for the good of the Whole.

gaian five-earthPRACTICE:  Use Pile 2 / numbered cards for this question:  What contemplative practice will best serve us to move along this pathway this week?  FIVE OF EARTH invites us to practices such as …

  • Take, sign up for, or investigate a wilderness survival course.
  • Practice dream incubation, in which you set an intention in a pre-sleep ritual, are open to dreams, and record what is received. I first learned about dream incubation from Caitlín Matthews who offers us this Temple of Nodens Incubation meditation.
  • Make a list of the skills you have that help you through times of difficulty. Then offer a prayer of thanks for having gained these skills. Keep the list handy and pull it out in times of challenge when you need to remind yourself.

Gaian guardian-waterPOSTURE:  Use Pile 3 / People cards for a question such as:  What attitudes and behaviors will be most helpful to me in undertaking this practice?  GUARDIAN OF WATER invites you to follow your path and practices with attitudes of ….

  • Freely offering the gifts you have to share.
  • Being in the flow of life; “no forcing, no holding back” (which is a phrase from Rilke).
  • Moving with the guidance of compassion and love for all beings.
  • Trusting utterly in the abundance of life.

OVERALL MUSINGS: Life’s abundant gifts offered by the earth to us is the foundation of this week’s cards, even if that abundance remains below the surface and less apparent in places like my once again cold, cold, cold New England! And below the surface, life is dreaming its way back into being. How would you like to join in the dream? Get outside and seek the signs of spring? Incubate a dream of re-birth? Offering your skills and compassionate leadership to someone or some group in need? Earth wisdom is there to guide you in making a way forward.






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