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The Healing Image: Practices for Resilience, Joy, and Wisdom

Spring 2014 Pilot Session


Naughty-Necklace-One-350x585Practice can be modified by so many words:  spiritual practice, business practice, musical practice, yoga practice.  The word conveys a humble dailiness beyond its potential as a foundation for moving through times of challenge; cultivating the true joy that comes from walking in both light and dark; and connecting with the Greater Than.

In this series, I’ll be sharing what I have learned about working with the Tarot as an inspiration for practice during both the calm and stormy phases of my life.  There will be stories and spreads, detailed prompts for finding the practice that fits you right now, and guided visualizations.  Details on the themes are below.

In my attempt to conquer time and money (ah, ha!), I’m offering this series in two ways:  1.) through webinars where I focus on sharing content with you (the inspiration level); and 2.) through small sharing circles  via conference call at different times for different time zones that have worked so well in the past (the deeper dive level).  Details and registration are below.

No Tarot experience is required to participate but as the Tarot is a foundational tool for this series, having a deck is a good idea.  If you are looking for a deck, the Gaian Tarot is a great match for this series.  The wisdom of all decks is welcome!

This series would be an especially good match for …

  • Those looking to start or revitalize a committed spiritual or personal development practice.
  • Tarot practitioners looking for ways to deepen their work with the cards.
  • Anyone looking to increase their connection to symbol and myth.
  • Seekers who want to connect to their inner wisdom teachers through the symbols and figures of the Tarot.


The Tarot as a Prompt for Practice:  One way to describe the Tarot is as a projection device; you look at a card and it calls to mind what you most need to pay attention to in the moment.  With so many stories told and activities shown on the cards, inspiration abounds for practices of all kinds.  This theme explores 3 main questions:  1.) What is practice?  2.) What is its purpose? and 3.) How can the Tarot help you develop or deepen practices that support resilience, joy, and wisdom? We’ll spend time looking at a  Tarot process developed through use of the Gaian Tarot, which, with its vivid and realistic depictions of contemporary people honoring the natural world, is a particularly evocative guide to practice.

Walking With Your Wisdom Guide(s):  The Tarot is also a conveyor for a multitude of wisdom systems, and for over 500 years artists and seekers have been creating images of guides such as The Magician, Death, and The Sun to support us on the journey of life.  In my work developing meditations inspired by the Major Arcana, I came to see these cards as showing three circles of healing.  I’ll walk you through this model and we will experience a guided visualizations to invite the development of a personal understand of the wisdom of the Major Arcana.


Inspiration Level:  Explore this material at your own pace by attending the two live webinar or by viewing recordings available shortly after the call.  This is an economical option that you can take advantage of no matter your time zone or place on the planet!

  • Tarot as a Prompt for Practice – View the recording of  Tarot as a Prompt for Practice; the live session was held on June 1st. [Tip:  Sometimes it can appear as if the video isn’t starting.  Just click further into it and then back up to begin.]

Deeper Dive Level:  Join a small group of fellow seekers (no more than 6) to share and explore together where the practices lead you.  You’ll be given prompts and handouts with suggested practices and this level also includes a booklet of information about practice suggested by The Gaian Tarot and a Major Arcana meditation of your choice.  Sign up only if you see all 3 sessions clear in your schedule at this point.  Cost to add this level is $78.  (You’ll also need to sign up for the webinars to get the background content so your total cost will be $108.)  Register by Friday, June 6th to make sure you have time to do prep work.

  • East Coast Friendly Sharing Circle on Wednesdays, June 11, 25 and July 2
  • at 6:30pm Eastern Time 
  • West Coast Friendly Sharing Circle on Tuesdays, June 10, June 24 and July 1
  • at 6:30pm Pacific Time 

If your time-zone choice is sold out, do send me an e-mail; I’ll start a waiting list and see what I can do.  

I’m piloting working with the new webinar technology and presenting these themes together.  This will be a prelude to a longer series, probably to be held in the fall of 2014.  So come get a taste when things are exciting and new (and probably not as polished as they’ll be later on) as well as less expensive.  Anyone who takes this pilot will get advance notice to sign up for the full series and a discount.

If you want to learn more about what inspired the series, got to The Healing Image post.

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