Tarot Practices for the Week of June 16th: Hermit – 5 of Water – Explorer of Air


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Each week I pull Tarot cards to inspire personal development / spiritual practice for readers of the blog as a group using the Gaian Tarot.  (If you want to read more about the process, check out Sacred Practices of the Gaian Tarot: The 3 P’s).You are invited to use the cards below to inspire your practice, and, if you like, share your reflections in the comments.  You are also free to draw your own cards.

gaian 9-hermitPATH:  Use Pile 1 / Majors and Aces to pull a card for the question:  What path would it best serve us to walk this week? THE HERMIT  invites us to walk this week on pathways of  …

  • Reflection and contemplation.
  • Communion with the natural world rather than the human world
  • Stepping into solitude and silence for deeper listening to the Greater Than, especially through messages from the moon, animals sounds in the night or dreams.

gaian five-waterPRACTICE:  Use Pile 2 / numbered cards for this question:  What practice(s) will best serve us to move along this path this week? FIVE OF WATER   invites us to practices such as …

  • Be still
  • Sit and welcome all the emotions that come when you pause.
  • Pick out a bowl or cup to serve as a symbol of you at this time.  Sit with the bowl, contemplating its features, remembering what it has held, dreaming of what is to come.  Do this for a 5 minutes or as daily practice for a week, or with themes over the course of six weeks.  [This practice comes from Joyce Rupp’s The Cup of Our Life and she does give themes for 6 six weeks of contemplation to serve spiritual growth.  Her language is Christian but I find the themes very open and inviting.]

Gaian explorer-airPOSTURE:  Use Pile 3 / People cards for a question such as:  What attitudes and behaviors will be most helpful to undertake this practice and walk with path?  EXPLORER OF AIR  invites you to follow your path and practices with attitudes of ….

  • Being brave and taking risks
  • Seeking out the guidance of spirit while remaining supported by the earth.
  • Directing your focus of attention upward, to the physical sky and trees or to your highest values

OVERALL MUSINGS: The invitation is to a week of contemplation that is both a going inward to Self and a connection outward to Nature.  When we take the risk of going into the wilderness (of our emotional landscape or nature at night. or both) our wisdom can be tested, deepened, elevated, expanded. This quest may serve a larger purpose in the weeks to come, but this week we can simply listen and look.

Note for Monday, June 9th:  There are a few more hours and slots left for registering for the Walking with Your Wisdom Guides Webinar to be held live tonight at 8pm ET in the USA and viewed anytime afterwards by recording.  We’ll be exploring the Major Arcana as Circles of Healing and Wholeness as well as doing a guided meditation process to meet a Wisdom figure in a card.  In other words, a good Hermit activity!


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