Tarot Practices for the Week of 7/28/14: Builder – 3 of Fire – Child of Water


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Each week I pull Tarot cards to inspire personal development / spiritual practice for readers of the blog as a group using the Gaian Tarot.  (If you want to read more about the process, check out Sacred Practices of the Gaian Tarot: The 3 P’s).You are invited to use the cards below to inspire your practice, and, if you like, share your reflections in the comments.  You are also free to draw your own cards.

Gaian 4-builderPATH:  Use Pile 1 / Majors and Aces to pull a card for the question:  What path would it best serve us to walk this week? THE BUILDER  invites us to walk this week on pathways of  …

  • Bringing order and shape to the bounty and creativity of earth
  • Recognizing the source of your personal authority
  • Identifying and setting the boundaries necessary to support the good of all.

gaian three-firePRACTICE:  Use Pile 2 / numbered cards for this question:  What practice(s) will best serve us to move along this path this week?  THREE OF FIRE  invites us to practices such as …

  •  A visualization meditation in which, after you’ve tuned into your body and breath, you imagine the sun above your head, then let it slowly travel down so that is before you at heart level. When you breathe in, imagine the sun streaming toward and entering into your heart. When you breathe out, let the sun return to its space before you. You could repeat very slowly for 3 times.
  • Dance with your creativity, surrender to its pace and beat and beauty. Take out colored pencils and doodle – or write a poem with them. Plan a meeting to be held in a different – more flowing – way.  Take yourself on an artists date.  Do whatever let’s your energy flow; this is the well of your creativity.
  • Just dance, perhaps out in the sun and barefoot.

child-waterPOSTURE:  Use Pile 3 / People cards for a question such as:  What attitudes and behaviors will be most helpful to undertake this practice and walk with path?  CHILD OF WATER  invites you to follow your path and practices with attitudes of ….

  • Grace and ease
  • Being in the flow; just doing what feels right.
  • Daring to stand at the edge of vast mystery – because you don’t know you should fear such places – because you know you are always protected.

OVERALL MUSINGS: Actively create a firm foundation for your creative expression and then surrender to the flow, the beauty, the mystery that emerges.

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