Tarot Practices for the Week of 8/4/14: Builder – 3 of Earth – Guardian of Earth


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Each week I pull Tarot cards to inspire personal development / spiritual practice for readers of the blog as a group using the Gaian Tarot.  (If you want to read more about the process, check out Sacred Practices of the Gaian Tarot: The 3 P’s).You are invited to use the cards below to inspire your practice, and, if you like, share your reflections in the comments.  You are also free to draw your own cards.

Gaian 4-builderPATH:  Use Pile 1 / Majors and Aces to pull a card for the question:  What path would it best serve us to walk this week? THE BUILDER (for the second week in a row)  invites us to walk this week on pathways of  …

  • Bringing order and shape to the bounty and creativity of earth
  • Attention to craft and the details that creates stability
  • Creating structures that support creative flow.
  • Embracing your unique talents and skills and then using the authority they give you to act for the good of the Whole

gaian three-earthPRACTICE:  Use Pile 2 / numbered cards for this question:  What practice(s) will best serve us to move along this path this week?  THREE OF EARTH (second week in a row for a 3 card)  invites us to practices such as …

  • Harvest your garden or visit a farmers market, bring your delights home, and pause to be grateful for what the earth’s abundance has offered to you.
  • Work with herbs this week. Perhaps do a little research on healing qualities of common herbs and cook a dish to bring that particular healing into your life. Or enact what is happening in this image and get together with friends to prepare herbs as healing tinctures and salves.
  • Identify which of the women is you this week. Are you woman in blue with the scissors? You might revise some creative work that you have in progress. Are you the woman in green? Pour out your love on someone this week. Are you the woman in orange with the pestle? Take a creative inspiration/idea and bring it into rough draft form. Don’t worry if it is lumpy; just bring it into form.

gaian guardian-earthPOSTURE:  Use Pile 3 / People cards for a question such as:  What attitudes and behaviors will be most helpful to undertake this practice and walk with path?  GUARDIAN OF EARTH invites you to follow your path and practices with attitudes of ….

  • Paying attention to what is emerging in your life
  • Regarding all with an attitude of gratitude
  • Steady work/action with attention to the details
  • Tenderness


OVERALL MUSINGS:  Another week with The Builder!  Perhaps he is showing up to cheer us on – or order us to! – to put the finishing touches on that structure that can be a home and support for our creativity.  With the appearance of another 3 card to invite practice, manifestation is still on the agenda.  But this week’s is very grounded in earth energy.  Keep shaping what you brought into being last week!


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