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Descent and Return for Southern Hemisphere

For Seekers – From Art of Change Tarot – Seasonal Observances

I am up here Walking the Ways of the Summer Light but I know that some of you in Australia are in Descent and Return of the Light.  Here is a guide to the week of the seasonal ritual for you:


Week of May 25th: Elemental Gratitude

Week of June 1st: Opening to the Ancestors 

Week of June 8th: Dark Power

Week of June 15th: Release and Renew

Tending Returning Light

Week of July 5th: What Can Be Born of Our Broken Parts 

Week of July 12th: Root and Reach 

Week of July 19th: Emergence 

Week of July 26th: Follow the Heart’s Light 

These posts were the alpha version of what I am developing into a booklet that will contain both of my season rituals. Sign up for my e-news (sent on the new moon) to receive updates on when it will be available in October.

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