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This is the third Wisdom Wander of the 2015 Walking the Ways of the Summer Light series. The focus is on the element of Water. The purpose is to commune with the element and gather questions (rather than answers). At Solstice-tide a question will be selected to answer on a Pilgrimage. 

As water moves if not contained I worked to just flow out of one moment to the next during this wander. I did grab my two decks, camera, notebook, and hat, but left my house without a real plan. As I stepped from my porch, one of the garter snakes that have taken up residence underneath slithered across the walkway in full S curves. I felt a tingle at the base of my spine of both fear and delight. Then I started toward Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary on the Connecticut River’s Oxbow, but when inspiration struck detoured to a small conservation area running along the Manhan River.  I started down the path and soon encountered another garter snake. This one did not move at all, except for a flick of the tongue, but let me walk by within inches. I found my way to the edge of a very low, very slow moving river.

Before gathering my guides and translators, I walked for a while along the river and then at a curve I stood for a while looking into the water, listening to it, and smelling the scent of water, sand, and fallen tree. I then pulled three cards from the Oracle of Initiation as guides for my Water flow; Clarity, Refining, and Recognition. To match the three Oracle cards I pulled three cards from a mix of the Minoan Tarot’s Major Arcana and the suit of Sea (this deck’s suit connected to the element of Water) to point me toward Water’s lessons for me. All Majors emerged: The Wheel of Life, Ecstasy (which takes the place of the Devil card in this deck), and Flow. (Yes, Flow!)

Guides and lessons 6.7.15


Flow and pattern, connection and mirror, clarity and mystery mixed to open me to the power of being with Water and what comes from making a relationship with the elemental world.

As I mentioned, my Wander began with a two-snake encounter, and, The Minoan Wheel of Life has two intertwined snakes at its center. A lovely synchronicity to begin the Wander.

From the conservation area, I did move to Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary where I and many participants on the retreats I offer there have had powerful encounters with the land and its creatures.

I spent most of my time on a nice Wander along the still waters of Arcadia. I was on the main path, nearly done with my walk, when I felt a drop of water fall on arm. The sky was clear and we’d had no rain in days so I paused to look up at the trees overhead. In the next moment, a hawk flew silently overhead to land on a branch above me. A jay followed, harrying the hawk that was now just feet away from me. I stood there with my mouth open. I started to reach for my camera without taking my eyes off the hawk. The jay grew bolder and the hawk lifted off, showing me its extending red-brown, stripped wings, flying toward the water beyond. I didn’t follow.

I was wishing I’d gotten a picture to share when from the other side of the path I heard another jay and turned to see the glide of wings through the trees. This new hawk landed on a distant but visible branch. I stepped from the path moving slowly toward the hawk’s tree. The jay jibbed and the hawk opened its lower beak and let out a screech. I kept moving toward the bird leaving the path behind.

This hawk, too, grew weary of the jay and flew off. I found myself between paths and looking at a Lady Slipper. Ecstasy came out for dance with this delicate wildflower. I found my way back to a new path and returned to the nature center.

ecstasy ladyslipper 6.7.15

I don’t read about the cards before I go out on my Wanders, but afterwards look forward to reading the deck creators’ wisdom and connecting it to my impressions of the cards and where they appeared on the Wander. All of the Oracle of Initiation cards are associated with a Deity, and as I read about these guides was struck by how the Oracle and Minoan cards were mirrors to each other.

Minoan WheelClarity is associated with the Anasazi who as great creators of poetry stir our imagination to see the patterns of our lives and make of ourselves a vessel for living out our purpose. The Minoan Wheel presents a visual pattern that with its intertwined snakes invites us to see transformation in the pattern of our lives.

Refining is associated with the Goddess Shakti and Mellissae Lucia writes of this card: “The invitation of all your aspects becomes the vibrational attunement that allows the ecstatic embodiments of you unique gifts.” Yes, this is the card connected with the Minoan’s Ecstasy. Ecstasy came out to visit with the Lady Slipper so I can’t help but think of the saying: “If the shoe fits, wear it”!

minoan-14-flowRecognition is associated with the Aztec flying serpent God Quetzalcoatl. As I was looking at Recognition and the Minoan’s Flow together my eye traveled to the two birds at the top of the labrrys-top pillars. Here were my two hawks.

I had begun my Wander with two snakes and I ended it with two birds. In between I had let water – even its smallest drop – direct my attention; strayed from my established path; and let myself be carried by the ecstatic flow. My snake self – the me that is ready for transformation – soared. I dared to look in the Quetzalcoatl mirror.

There is a lot more I could say really, but I think I’ll just leave the words to float in the mystery.

A dragonfly postscript …

I saw a dragonfly in the distance but had no special encounters with these insects at Arcadia as I had in the Earth and Air Wanders. But when I stopped for tea and journaling at the Cup and Top coffee shop, I sat at the counter that faced the art display wall and this is what I saw (te, he):

dragonfly sign 6.7.15


Water questions are the questions that just flow out of you as you wander and upon further reflection. Their source might be from any of the ideas outlined above or from some deep well. Just let the questions that enliven you and stir your heart surface. Here are some of mine from 2015:

  • What is my part to play in shedding the illusion of separation, of supporting the embrace of connection … and of Love?
  • How to embrace my cracks? How to let the healing water flow through them?  How to let the light shine through?
  • How to show my gratitude to my divine and otherworldly companions and guardians who are always showing up for me even as I doubt them?
  • How to keep releasing skepticism?
  • How to embrace the ecstatic embodiment of my unique gifts? What form / vessel can I create to share this?

I wrote more questions. I won’t use them all, but no need to stop the flow of their emergence in the moment. I’m not trying to answer the questions at this point. I’m just gathering them to see which ones I will want to bring on July’s pilgrimage.

Walking the Ways of the Summer Light runs each year starting the 4th Monday before the Summer Solstice and running until two weeks afterward. 

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