“Let the Strawberry Teach” Moonthly Reading


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As the last new moon reached the end of its cycle, I post these readings as a prompt for contemplative practice and noticing the more cosmic patterns of life as you attend to the lunar energy in a solar world.

July New Moon – Monday, July 4, 2016 at 7:01am ET in the USA

Releasing the last air moon & Welcoming the new water moon

“Let the Strawberry Teach” Reading 

What if we took the strawberry, this abundant fruit of the season, as our teacher over the next few weeks?  What if we dared to show our passion and fullness of being?  I invite you to commune with a strawberry (or melon or mulberry … pick your own pleasure) and see what messages arise to guide you. 

CALL: What calls to be expressed – passionately, abundantly, playfully – in the next few weeks to walk your true path?

 How can you express this?

FULLNESS:  What will come into fullness when you express it?


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