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As the last new moon reached the end of its cycle, I post these readings as a prompt for contemplative practice and noticing the more cosmic patterns of life as you attend to the lunar energy in a solar world.

August New Moon – Tuesday, August 2 at 4:44pm ET in the USA

Releasing the last water moon & Welcoming the new fire moon – Amidst the first days of the Celtic season of Lammas which brings a time of harvest and the first hints of tipping back toward the dark half of the year.

Surrender to the Depths Reading

gaian four-waterAugust days are full of beauty at height of summer season but there often also begins a strange undercurrent of emotion coming from somewhere. Perhaps it is a message from our soul selves.

The soul isn’t easily defined so metaphor is the way to discover meaning. Our souls are like the late summer pond. The murky mystery of our depths makes the beauty that we show in the sun. So in this season, it makes sense to tend both.

Before doing this reading, you may want to imagine yourself as the woman in the Gaian Four of Water and spend some time looking inwardly to see what your emotions are.  You might visualize a pond or well and imagine traveling down from surface to depth and seeing emotions at different levels. Don’t worry about understanding them all. Just open yourself to them.

 What message is coming from your soul through your deep emotions?

SURRENDER: How to surrender to this message?

REVELATION: What will be revealed when you do?

I am going to be tending my soul depths on vacation during the first two weeks of August! I am only doing readings for those who have signed up for the full lunar year before I leave. But if you do want this reading and can wait until after August 16th, you can order this as an e-reading for $22. Here is a sample of how I do these readings in a collaborative intuitive format.

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