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As the last new moon reached the end of its cycle, I post these readings as a prompt for contemplative practice and noticing the more cosmic patterns of life as you attend to the lunar energy in a solar world.

1st September New Moon – Thursday, September 1, 2016 at 5:03am ET in the USA

Releasing the last fire moon & Welcoming the new earth moon – Looking forward to the Equinox

Ground Your Fire Reading 

sunflowers some fadedAs we move from the extreme of summer’s light to Equinox’s time of balance here in the Northern Hemisphere, fire and fiery achievements must shift to move into deeper development.

Sunflower sees the dark soil and lets wilted petals and seeds find their rest. Milkweed explodes its flower and pod into silken seeds swept up in the wind. Root vegetables reach deeper now and wait for frost’s kiss to sweeten their flesh.

There is ample green and still growth, but the frenzy of summer’s height is falling, and we are invited to do the same. It’s time to ground our fire. 

If summer has brought us progress, growth, or an achievement, we can deepen the gifts by varying our pace, shifting our perspective, taking the work into the dark where something not yet imaged can gestate to add richness and texture to what already exists.

I’m sad to see the sunflowers go. I gaze at them all summer and feel this gaze returned. Their loving looks feed my soul. I will miss them, maybe even mourn them for a little while. And at the same time, I sense the pull of dark love’s dawning in sunflowers surrender to earth. They are going where they must go and even invite me to find a way to follow that, too, feeds my soul.

 What fiery (i.e. passionate, creative, inspirational, or authoritative) part of me matured this summer?

SHIFT:  What do I let go of from this successful maturation so it can shift into new form?

GROUND:  What do I ground and let deepen out of this successful maturation?


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