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Around the time of the new moon, I post these readings as a prompt for contemplative practice and noticing the more cosmic patterns of life as you attend to the lunar energy in a solar world.

October New Moon – Sunday, October 30, 2016 at 1:38pm ET in the USA

Releasing the last air moon & Welcoming the new water moon – Amidst the first days of the Celtic season of Samhain which marks the start of the new year and a time to honor the ancestors

flaming-tree-heartHere in New England, we have arrived in late fall, which straddles the beauty of the leaves’ last fire and the stark revelations of tree’s essential form.  Observing the drama of the shape shifting, we can be inspired, too, to tune into our essential selves. Perhaps we will follow the guidance of Rumi (from Mafi and Kolin’ Rumi’s Little Book of the Heart):

The time has come to turn your heart

into a temple of fire.

Your essence is gold hidden in dust

To reveal its splendor

you need to burn in the fire of love.

And as the growing world’s green recedes, the usually unseen invites us to connect. Secretive birds show themselves. The ancestors and beloved dead beckon. With distractions stripped away, we answer the call to remember and connect in communal and private ways through the spiritual (Samhain, All Saints  & Souls Days, Day of the Dead) and secular (Veterans Day) holidays with a heart open to messages from nature or loved ones gone.

This time of growing dark can be a challenge but reflection and ritual can support us to find the gifts in this season and cultivate our essential selves. I hope this moonth’s reading supports you in this time

ESSENTIAL SELF EMERGING: What of your essential self is emerging in this season?

UNSEEN REALM OFFERING: What of the usually unseen world wants to offer support to this essential self emerging?

UNITING:  How can I best respond to the essential and unseen to weave their gifts into my life?


News on Art of Change Tarot Shape Shifting: I am in the process of shape shifting my practice from Art of Change Tarot to Soul Path Sanctuary. Really this has been going on for a number of years as my work evolved to be a weaving of Tarot wisdom, nature awareness, ritual observations of the seasons, and inspirations of the mystic word. I am finally just changing the name under which I do the work. In November, we will be a shift in the website to soulpathsanctuary.com and spreading the news about the sanctuary’s first offering of an e-retreat for the Solstice-hinged seasonal ritual of Descent and Return of the Light. More details to come soon.

Note on this Moonth’s E-readings: I hope you will enjoy doing this e-reading on your. My slots to do these readings during this busy moonth are all filled by those who signed up for the annual package.

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