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Jennifer Lucero-Earle and I wrote a multi-part article together to explore how our Tarot approaches fit together and as a prelude to a workshop we are offering together called Soul Path Embodiment: Dare to Get Out of the Chair! after the Tarot and Psychology Conference on April 27th of the upcoming Readers Studio. You’ve found your way to the final part of the article. Back up to Jennifer’s blog for Part II on The Wheel


The World

In the World, the elemental symbols become living beings who surround a figure. She is the World Soul dancing. She is a mirror to our own soul selves dancing.

The idea of soul cannot be fully defined, but, inspired by the Tarot’s structure, Carolyn works with the idea of soul as an expression of a fullness of being, of wholeness. And to be whole, we need to cultivate the intellect, and the emotions, and creative inspiration, and attunement to the physical, and the ability to embrace mystery. This cultivation is dynamic and changing. We find our way into meeting these elemental gifts through practices such as taking a course, engaging in meditation, walking in nature, being kind, creating art.  We attain a level of mastery through our practices, then life challenges us. Any idea of perfection falls away and we begin again. We learn how to move in both light and shadow.

The moments are rare when we flow equally with all five elemental foundations of the soul. But the World offers us a guide, and if we listen with our imaginal ears, we might hear her whisper, “Come. Join the dance.”

The dance is life itself, but, like the Tarot’s archetypes, the dances created in ArcanaDance are bounded by time but open to that which is Greater Than and limitless.

We know that “dance” is a charged word that brings up all sorts of beliefs and assumptions such as “I am not coordinated; I can’t dance; I am too shy; I don’t want to make a fool of myself.” But ArcanaDance uses the word “dance” in the broadest definition possible as simply to move the body and be open to what emerges from the connection to the Tarot’s images. ArcanaDance is a practice, not a performance.

Like any practice, there are risks. We might learn about our shadow – or our light. We might tune into the power of the Divine – or our own. We might succeed – or fail. But isn’t this what we are asking of others when as Tarot practitioners we offer them ideas for actions to shift their current situation to another? In our readings and sessions, aren’t we asking our clients and students to take the risk of changing their lives?

We can use a safe container like ArcanaDance or integrating some movement into client sessions to test out making changes in our lives, to practice stepping into the roles of Magician, Empress, or Emperor. When we leave the safe container, we already have an experience held in the body of what it is like to move into our desired future. Prepared by practice, achievement becomes more possible.

So could the message of the World card be more clear? To be fully human – to walk our unique soul path – we must dance.

Want to see ArcanaDance in action? Check out this wonderful video that Jennifer made!

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