Faces and Spaces of Justice: Balance of the Minoan Tarot


Justice – Tarot

In this moonth beginning on March 27th, we are traveling the path of the Emperor moving in visionary balance with the Queen of Wands. This combination invites us to connect with our power, but in its form of “power-with” which is described by the teacher and activist Starhawk as “influence among equals.” (Read more about on the Soul Shaping Path of the Emperor in my new moon news. Want to get the news right around the new moon each moonth? Be sure to sign up for my list on the left.)

Balance of the Minoan Tarot is the Face and Space of Justice we are contemplating to deepen our understanding of “power-with”

Art work left behind by the Minoan culture as a gift for us today is the direct inspiration of all the cards Ellen Lorenzi-Prince created for the Minoan Tarot. Ellen introduces this culture to us in the deck’s companion book:

The Bronze Age people of Crete did not exalt kingship, war, nor death, nor did they conceive a vast distance between Gods and humanity. Instead these people celebrated the presence of the Goddess, the beauty of the natural world, and their own sexuality and creativity.

Both God and Goddess were honored by the Minoans and were seen as inhabiting the earth, sea, and sky that surrounded the people. Female representations of the Divine outnumbered male. The beautiful artwork created by the Minoans celebrated the Divine and the natural world.

In the Minoan the face of Justice is the card of Balance in which acrobats perform. Ellen writes of the image:

In this image of Balance, effort is made to match strength to strength to create equilibrium. Adding weight to one side would collapse both, as would a moment of weakness or inattention from either of the acrobats. Body and mind must be balanced within each individual to maintain this awareness , and each must be as cognizant of the other as he is of himself. In Balance, no one thing is of greater worth than the dynamic process of creating harmony and stability among two. A Message from Balance: Value those who respect cooperation over acquisition.

This space of Justice exists in the intimate encounters of couples and through partnerships where each member offers respect and cooperation.


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