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Chag Sameach (That’s Joyous Festival in Hebrew)! Happy Passover!

To honor Passover, the Jewish holiday celebrating the liberation from slavery made possible by God and through the leadership of Moses, I offer for your contemplation The Hermit of the Raziel Tarot.

Moses’ encounter with God at the burning bush is the Raziel’s wisdom figure for the Hermit. Robert Place’s stunning artwork is accompanied by Rachel Pollack’s modern day midrash and musings woven from Jewish mysticism and folklore. Rachel concludes the Hermit section of the Raziel companion book by digging a little more deeply into the usual translation for YHVH as “I am that I am.” She writes:

Modern scholars suggest something even more radical for God’s answer. The suggestions I have seen are”I will be what I will be” and “I am becoming what I am becoming.” In a sense this moment does not just mark a turning point for Moses but also for God, who, seems to begin a process of evolution.

The Hermit card touches upon one of the great mystical truths, sometimes called “co-creation.” God alone cannot change the world, but must align with humans, who in turn need to accept the call, must be willing to say “I am here.” And even more, God, whom we call “the Infinite,” and “the Eternal,” God too cannot evolve, cannot “become what I am becoming,” without human participation.

As you contemplate the Raziel’s Hermit – perhaps with visio divina or by embodying the stance Moses takes in the card – you might stand like Moses with bare feet pressed to the earth and hearing a call for you to take on a great task that you don’t feel prepared for.

Make a connection; first, to the solid earth below your feet; then to the infinite sky above; and, finally, to what is growing in your life, in your spring-awakening world, your own burning bush. You may or may not have a name for what this is, but you are connected to something greater than yourself (in the Raziel this greater than is know both as YHVH and the Shekinah, the female aspect of YHVH).

With this connection made, put your doubts to the side – even if only temporarily – and in the place of your doubts find your own fire within sparking, your own inner Wise One speaking, your own power rising.

Let yourself feel suddenly surprised by the trust you have now in the support you will receive to answer the call. Find yourself saying “Yes.” Let yourself envision what you co-create with the Infinite, the Eternal, the Constantly Becoming.

The final invitation then is to take at least one step toward answering the call you hear – perhaps very clearly or more instinctually sensed – during these weeks of religious celebrations and the earth’s own answer to the call of spring.


The Major Arcana of the Raziel Tarot is available in a beautiful boxed set with large cards that are excellent for contemplation. 

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