Faces and Spaces of Justice: A Reading


Justice – Tarot

Since it is summer, I am lingering a little longer with last moonth’s Face and Space of Justice from the Haindl Tarot published by U.S. Games Systems  so I can tell you about the “Gifts of Justice for the USA on its Birthday” meditation and Wisdom reading that I did on the 4th of July. I found the gifts fascinating.



Guided by the imagery of the card with its upper chakra colors rising from an earthy tree-trunk source, I meditated and pulled cards for gifts for the USA from the earth, our human visionary capacity (3rd eye connected), and the Divine / Universal Energy (crown chakra connected).

Earth Gift – Eight of Swords – Interference: I saw the word “Interference” and a “Yes!” rose up within me. I saw the interference as arising both from the earth itself and from we humans who are concerned about the planet and all the creatures here. In this way, the earth’s wild weather swings can be seen as alerts calling us to pay attention and to act to bring things into better balance. Rachel Pollack’s thoughts on interference for the human-side seemed written just for the times we live in: “The positive side of interference includes political action to reform dangerous or evil policies. If we see something wrong in the world around us, we bear a moral responsibility to do whatever we can.”


Visionary Gift – Two of Cups – Love: How wonderful to see this card here echoing the peacock of Justice. It was also the action card of last moonth – and came up over and over again in various readings that I did. Our ability to keep imagining and envisioning Love as a guiding force is a gift we can to each other and hold up as a possibility for our nation. Rachel writes of the Love shown in this card: “So love in this card becomes something more than personal happiness. We need to give the energy back to the world.”



Divine Gift – Three of Wands – Virtue: If we listen only to the news, we may feel a lack of virtue in our national life. But the Divine is still sending us virtue; it is available to tap into. And on a local level, in our neighborhoods, or  anywhere people are coming together in Love for the Whole or to Interfere in support of the earth, we may well be acting with just the virtue needed to come into harmony with the cosmic order.



I invite you to participate in the giving by finding your personal expression of each of these gifts. You can pull cards for questions such as:

  • What can I do to interfere for the good of the earth?
  • How can I express Love to increase Justice in the United States?
  • What virtue can I express now to support the cosmic order?

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