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I’ve cleared my schedule on the full moon (August 7th) so I can offer my e-reading of the moonth on that day. I have time to do 4 readings and send them to you by e-mail. See button at end of post to purchase.To see how I offer my collaborative-intuitive readings in an e-format, you can check out this sample.

The focus of the reading is on our wildness – and we are having a wild time, aren’t we? Governments across the globe are in crisis, the climate is changing, and here in the United States, the drama coming from Washington, DC, is head spinning.

It might be time to meet wildness with wildness, particularly if we can harness our feminine power and passion to steer us toward our highest values. (And you don’t have to be a woman to tap into and move from this power, orient to this perspective.)

To develop my e-readings this year, I’ve been looking to the Tarot’s astrological correspondences and connecting them to my Soul Path Reading format. At first, I was worried that this was actually a bit too intellectual and lacking the spark of my nature inspired reading, but lately I have been grateful to these readings for proving a larger perspective on the dizzing daily news.

For example, when we traveled the path of the Star in February through a full moon aligned with Strength, the 7 of Wands (with its courageous lone figure against a crowd), and Knight of Pentacles (who slowly but surely moves in service to his cause) was when we first heard “Nevertheless, she persisted.” Though this was directed at Senator Elizabeth Warren as an admonishment, it soon became a call to remember and be inspired by all the women – our foremothers – who persisted in their work for Justice.

We have two new moons in Leo/Strength this year, and the August 21st new moon is going to take us once again through that same path of Strength – 7 of Wands – Knight of Pentacles. If we gather in the lessons and learnings between then and now, we can be even more powerful during the second emergence of this pattern. We can be prepared to persist.  

I offer the Soul Shaping Path of Strength reading as a way for you to do that learning and preparing.


Path: Strength

Joanna Powell Colbert speaks to the essence of Strength in her companion book to the Gaian Tarot“A strong and beautiful woman holds a cougar in her arms. Both wear crowns of flowers. The mountain lion symbolizes her passion, her instincts, her sexuality, and her wildness. Instead of believing that her animal nature needs to be subdued, she embraces it and makes it a friend.”

WILD INSIDE: What is the wild inside of me that wants to be befriended?



Posture: Elder of Fire 

To walk this moonth’s path of Strength, we are invited to be like the Elder of Fire. Joanna writes that this Elder “doesn’t sit back and accept things as they are. She embodies the power of transformation.” She is able to be bold in her imagining and her working because she is attuned to powerful allies. Through ritual and trance she tunes into the Greater Than and receives the guidance that comes through this connection. In the image, the Elder is sitting before an altar for the Mexican holiday of Day of the Dead, inviting us to especially listen for the help the ancestors want to offer us.

GUIDANCE: What guidance do your ancestors offer you for befriending the wild inside?


Action: Five of Fire 

Joanna created this image to show rage and fear being expressed. And it well might be a time to express your rage at places in your personal life where you feel trapped or about injustice in the wider world. A powerful expression can lead to breakthrough or renewed balance. But this image also shows light being brought into smoky darkness. The expression of your wild inside – perhaps along with others working together – could be what is needed to clear the air and bring forth a needed transformation.

EXPRESSION: What will you be able to express when you come into relationship with the wild inside?


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