Threshold of the Dark Mini-Retreat

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yellow leaves dark branchesEach season offers different gifts and challenges, flows with its own rhythm and mystery.  When we tune our awareness to the offerings and energy of the season, we can better receive its wisdom and be supported in our spiritual devotions, divinatory seeking, and/or creative vocations.

The turning from October to November is a threshold time in many traditions. In the Celtic tradition, both from its earth-honoring origins and later Celtic Christianity, these days were a time to prepare for the coming dark, gather in circle to share stories, and remember the ancestors.

In this mini-retreat day on Saturday, October 28th, we follow in the footsteps of tradition and do our own listening to the land at Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary in Easthampton, MA to find the wisdom that speaks to our hearts and souls at this time.

In our time together, we will:

  • Greet each other and the season.
  • Find focus and inspiration for the day’s exploring. Yes, we’ll use Tarot and oracle cards for inspiration!
  • Talk a Wisdom Wander. No matter the weather, there will be an invitation to connect with the land and creatures at Arcadia in some way.
  • Have time for journaling, drawing, doodling or just sitting.
  • Eat a simple lunch highlighting local vegetables and fruits (vegan and gluten-free friendly).
  • Create a Threshold of the Dark Altar and remember our beloved dead.
  • Conclude with a Wisdom of the Season Sharing Circle.

This will be an intimate gathering. Only 13 slots available.

You are invited to bring any, all, or none of these things:

  • Clothing appropriate to the weather and shoes for walking around on well-laid out trails. (OK, clothing is a requirement at this time of year. Not really optional!)
  • A journal, drawing pad, piece of paper, pen, and/or colored pencils.
  • A Tarot or oracle deck.  If you don’t have one, there will be decks for sharing for use at the retreat.
  • A picture of a loved one who has died to place on the Threshold of the Dark Altar.
  • An object that represents the Threshold of the Dark time to you to place on the altar.
  • A camera for contemplative photo receiving.


  • To be held 10am to 4:30pm at Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary in Easthampton, MA on Saturday, October 28th.
  • Fee is $85. Pre-registration required by Tuesday, October 24th so we can plan how much food to make.

Payment options:

Pay with credit card/use PayPal.  

Or send a check to Carolyn Cushing, 1 Cottage St., Box 33, Easthampton, MA 01027. Good idea to send me an e-mail if sending a check so I can hold a slot for you.

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