Solstice Seed at Equinox Reflection & Spread

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The Equinox arrives each year on March 19th or 20th. At this time of year, day and night stand equal inviting us to contemplate and connect with balances of light and dark, life and death, grief and joy. As we tend these opposites we may come to know how they each contain the other, and how they work together to bring forth the next cycle of our becoming.

The days around the Equinox are good times to check in with seeds you planted at the Solsticetide when light and dark reunited.

You can meet the seed’s unfolding with the assistance of the cool stillness of the night as well as the fiery passion of the day. The Moon Mother is passing responsibility off to the Sun Father, but not before she offers some advice of where not to rush yet. The Sun Father receives the emerging seed ready to impart his renewed vigor for forward movement. It’s a potent combination for emergence.

Your seed might be a dream, a project, a plan. Those of us who followed this year’s seasonal ritual of Descent and Return of the Light, drew a Tarot card(s) to represent a seed we would nurture all year. (If you didn’t draw a card at Solsticetide, it’s not too late. You could pick a card consciously to represent something you are moving toward or draw one by chance and start working with it now.)

Today I offer you a spread of questions to support your meeting of the seed. The questions can be used just for reflection or connected to pull of Tarot or oracle cards.

To begin, take out (or select) your Seed card(s) and place it at center.

To receive the wisdom of the Moon ask/draw cards for:

  • What have I completed around the tending of the Seed?
  • Where should I remain still around the tending of the Seed?

To receive the wisdom of the Sun, ask draw cards for:

  • What is ready to emerge from my Seed?
  • What action to take to support the Seed’s emergence?

Image Notes: You are looking at the beautiful backs of the Gaian Tarot and the Sun and Moon from the Burning Serpent Oracle. 

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