Oracular Write-A-Torium: An Open Space Retreat


For Writers

A container to support writing, shaping, or editing of a project with Tarot-inspired processes to tune into your intuition and learn more about your own process as a writer. Group sessions at the end of each day provide structure to the weekend while most of the days are open for participants to work on their own projects.

WHO is it for: Writers who are working on a project and want to move it to the next level. Participants will come with a body of work that would benefit from some concentrated time and attention. We won’t be doing craft work so the genre doesn’t matter. No Tarot experienced needed; we’ll be working with our intuitive responses to images and special meaning keys I’ve developed from writers. The group is always small with no more than 8 people. [Pandemic Adjustments: You will need to have a Tarot deck on your end. I can help you get one if needed.]

WHEN: Held periodically, we start with a session on Friday night from 7pm to 9pm and conclude with a session & optional reading on Sunday at 3pm. The 2021-2022 sessions are:

September 2-4

November 18-20 proposed

January TBD

March 17-19 would be our traditional close to Equinox time

WHERE: Easthampton, MA in our meeting room for sessions but at other times you can write where it will be most productive for you. The coffee shops, shops, and natural beauty spots around the Valley might be the places to inspire you. [Pandemic Adjustment: We will meet in Zoomlandia for our end of the day sessions and you will write in your own place during the days.]

HOW does it work?:

#1: You write RETREAT on your calendar for that weekend, and when people ask you to do something then, you reply, “Oh, drats, I can’t I’m on retreat that weekend.” And you smile.

#2: You prepare to arrive with a one sentence statement of what your work is about, and also some reflections on these questions:

  • Why am I compelled to write this work?
  • Why I am I the one who is right to write this work?
  • Who might this work best serve / inspire?
  • What stage of work am I in?
  • What do you know (if anything) about what works well for you when you at this stage of writing?

#3: Gather on Friday at 7pm to share an overview of our work, do a Tarot Mandala to get advice for focus for weekend, and leave with an intention set for what to accomplish over the weekend and on Saturday.

#4: Write wherever you want. My space in Easthampton will be open selected hours for those who want to write here in companionable silence with others. [Pandemic Adjustments: Everybody at home.]

#5: Gather in from 5pm to 7pm on Saturday (more snacks) to share our progress and receive tarot support for working with the demons and angels who help and hinder us in our writing.

#6: Return on Sunday from 3pm to 5pm for a reading (7 minutes max per person), structured/brief feedback, assessment of progress, and next steps. All with Tarot support.

What will it COST: $125 plus a snack assignment.[Pandemic Adjustments: Alas, you will have to snack on your own.]

Reward for Frequent Writers: Take $10 off the fee each time you come. For example, take $10 off from a total of $115 for your second Write-a-Torium, then $20 off for a total of $105 for a third one, and so on.


Checks also accepted; send to to Carolyn Cushing, 143 Main St., Easthampton, MA are also accepted. Just send me an e-mail when you pop it in the mail so I can hold your spot.


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July 15, 2015, 2:05 pm Jeannine

gosh, i wish i lived nearer to you. this sounds like a great gathering.

btw, i’ve finished 1/4 of my story!

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