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With astro-Tarot-nature guidance, I pondered the energies of the next new moons arriving in  2019, which aligns with the Chinese lunar year of the Pig, a symbol of abundance, determination, and, in a number of ancient cultures, connected to the Great Mother.

I was inspired to give each moonth a theme and to include process and ritual support for releasing on dark moons (the night before the new) and seeking the revelations of the full moon. The Dark Goddess Tarot will be featured for the dark moon work.

Read to the end to dig into the details of the astro-Tarot influences. Be sure to be on my list to receive moonthly missives with writings, readings, and rituals inspired by these initiating energies. 

February – To Steer Your Own Course (With Others) – Start of the Chinese Lunar Year

February 3 – Dark Moon Release Guided by Tlazolteotl, Aztec Goddess of Filth and Purification (XV, Corruption)

February 4-  New Moon in Aquarius 15º
Path: The Star ~ Possibility: Six of Swords ~ Posture: King of Swords

February Full Moon Revelation – The Hermit holds the Star.

March – The Inner Work of Justice

March 5 – Dark Moon Release Guided by Spider Woman, Hopi Goddess of Thought and Creation (XVII, Stars)

March 6 – New Moon in Pisces 15º
Path: Moon ~ Possibility: 9 of Cups ~ Posture: Knight of Cups

March 20 Full Moon Revelation – The Moon meeting Justice.

April – The Outer Work of Justice

April 4 – Dark Moon Release Guided by Arianrhod, Welsh Goddess of the Moon (XVIII, Moon)

April 5 – New Moon in Aries 15º
Path: The Emperor ~ Possibility: Three of Wands ~ Posture: Queen of Wands

April 19 Full Moon Revelation – The Emperor meeting Justice.

May – Giving and Receiving Between the Worlds

May 3 – Dark Moon Release Guided by The Morrigan, Celtic Goddess of the Blood (IV, Sovereignty / The Emperor)

May 4 – New Moon in Taurus 14º
Path: The Hierophant ~ Possibility: 6 of Pentacles ~ Posture: King of Pentacles

May 18 Full Moon Revelation – The Teacher is Death hidden in Life

June – Wake Up to True Love

June 2 – Dark Moon Release Guided by Cybele, Anatolian Mountain Mother (V, Hierophant)

June 3 – New Moon in Gemini 12º
Path: The Lovers ~ Possibility: 9 of Swords ~ Posture: Knight of Swords

June 17 Full Moon Revelation – Love needs Alchemy.

July – Joy for the Journey

July 1 – Dark Moon Release Guided by Freya, Norse Goddess of Love and Beauty (VI, Lovers)

July 2 – New Moon (Total Solar Eclipse) in Cancer 10º
Path: The Chariot ~ Possibility: Three of Cups ~ Posture: Queen of Cups

July 16 Full Moon (Partial Lunar Eclipse) Revelation – Ecstatic Movement.

August – The Aikido Approach to Challenge

July 30 – Dark Moon Release Guided by Ishtar, Babylonian Goddess of Love and War (VII, Chariot)

July 31 New Moon in Leo 8º
Path: Strength ~ Possibility: 5 of Wands ~ Posture: King of Wands

August 15 Full Moon Revelation – Strength blessed by the Star.

September – Harvest of Outer and Inner Riches

August 29 – Dark Moon Release Guided by Samovila, Slavic Guardian of the Forest (VIII, Strength)

August 30 – New Moon in Virgo 6º
Path: The Hermit ~ Possibility: Eight of Pentacles ~ Posture: Knight of Pentacles

September 14 Full Moon Revelation – The Moon mentors The Hermit.

October – Speaking the Soul’s Truth to Power

September 27 – Dark Moon Release Guided by Baba Yaga, Russian Witch of the Woods (IX, Hermit)

September 28 – New Moon in Libra 5º
Path: Justice ~ Possibility: 2 of Swords ~ Posture: Queen of Swords

October 13 Full Moon Revelation – Justice meeting the Emperor.

November – Singing for the Ancestors

October 26 – Dark Moon Release Guided by Maat, Egyptian Goddess of Truth and Justice (XI, Justice)

October 27 – New Moon in Scorpio 4º
Path: Death ~ Possibility: 5 of Cups ~ Posture: King of Cups

November 12 Full Moon Revelation – Death is the teacher of new songs.

December – Waiting with the Dark Pierced by Light

November 25 – Dark Moon Release – La Santa Muerte, Mexican Goddess of Death (XIII, Death)

November 26 – New Moon in Sagittarius 4º
Path: Temperance ~ Possibility: Eight of Wands ~ Posture: Knight of Wands

December 12 Full Moon Revelation – Alchemy’s magic is Love.

January 2020 – Return to the Threshold

December 25 – Dark Moon Release Guided by Brigid, Irish Goddess of Craft, Art, and Healing (XIV, Alchemy)

December 26 – New Moon (Solar Eclipse) in Capricorn 4º
Path: The Devil ~ Possibility: Two of Pentacles ~ Posture: Queen of Pentacles

Note: Determination of new moon days done using Eastern Standard time. Sometimes moons vary by a day depending on your location.

Background Information – 

The influence of a new moon lasts for the lunar cycle / 28 days. The initiation energy of the new moon puts a stamp on the moonth, which  moves through a natural flow of growth and decay inviting you to follow.

Each new moon has an exact moment aligned with a particular degree of an astrological sign. Each decan of the astrological wheel corresponds to three cards. Each card can be seen as offering a specific type of guidance for seekers: The Major shows the path or wisdom we are invited to experience. The number card, a the possible manifestation of the Major card. Court/People cards demonstrate how we might best walk the path to gain the gifts of the possibility or avoid its pitfalls. Weaving the wisdom of the three card together, a theme for each moonth of 2019 emerges. The cards and the theme inspire the three question reflections/readings offered in Soul Path Sanctuary’s moonthly e-news.

The height of the cycle is a full moon revelation about how you are working with the energies of the moonth. Out of the revelation, you are issued an invitation to return a gift to the Whole in the final weeks of the lunar cycle. The full moon also has an exact moment and specific place on the astrological wheel, but in seeking the revelations we’ll be working only with the Majors as predominant influences.

To allow us to enter fully into each new cycle, we must release what we do not need to carry from one moon into the next. Done on the dark moon nights a day or two before the new moon, these releases are a monthly renewal that keeps us from being weighed down by the past so we can have the strength to pick up the challenges of the present. The Dark Goddess Tarot introduces us to our guides for this releasing

Also: Eclipses have a six month influence so give an energetic boost to the moon in which they occur. Sacred Arts teacher Briana Saussy says they are good for breaking patterns.

Be sure to be on my list to receive moonthly missives with writings, readings, and rituals inspired by these initiating energies. 

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