Soul Path of the Moonth: Lunar Initiating Energy of February’s New Moon


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Each new moon arrives at a specific place on the astrological Wheel of the Year, which corresponds to 3 Tarot cards that work together as a set to guide us in understanding the initiating energy of the moonth beginning and opening ourselves to the wisdom offered.

The new moon that arrives on Monday, February 4 at 4:03pm ET in the USA (find your time zone) sets us on the Path of the Star through the Possible Action of the Six of Swords best met with the Posture of the King of Swords.

Path: The Star

The Star appears after times of difficulty to offer us hope, to invite us to renewal, and to shed a gentle light on the change emerging. The Star follows Death, the Devil, and the Tower, the fearsome three of the Tarot pantheon, through which we die to our old lives, confronted the shadows we can no longer hide from, and experience the structures we counted on crumble. After this process, we are stripped down to our essential self, find ourselves as naked as the Star woman. We may feel alone, but the Star reminds us that we are held within a vast and beautiful Cosmos, which constantly pours its gifts upon us.

The ancient Egyptians’ understanding of the afterlife and divinity was shaped by their observations of stars, like the Pole Star, that did not set. Called the Imperishable Stars, they served as an image of eternity and a reminder of the constant presence of the Gods and Goddess in the people’s lives. The Tarot’s Star, too, reminds us of this Divine accompaniment, both when we are aware of Her presence and even when we doubt it. She holds us within Her embrace as we rest, and in the resting are reshaped. From here we will emerge into a new wholeness made from our broken parts.

STAR: What Star (i.e. Divine Being, natural force, ancestor, aspect of higher self) embraces me to support the new emerging?

Possible Action: Six of Swords

In the iconic image of the Rider Waite Smith Six of Swords, two figures huddle in a boat are rowed by a third, the ferryman. The water is turbulent to their right, but clear to their left. The boat itself appears to be what is calming the waters.

The posture of the huddled figures suggest recent difficulty in their lives, but their appearance in the boat show that they have chosen to leave it behind. Perhaps they at last felt the Star’s presence and were able to take beneficial action. They are starting to steer their own course.

They are not alone on this journey. From the ferryman’s assistance in the physical world to the Star’s presence in the eternal world, they are accompanied.

The moonth’s energies suggest that the time is ripe for such movement in our lives. We are invited to steer a new course  and receive the gifts of calmer waters and new possibility.

COURSE: What is the best course to set for myself at this time?

Posture: King of Swords

The King is a master of the mind and uses his intellect to serve the good of the Whole. The artwork on the throne behind him includes the moon and butterflies, symbols of mystery, transformation, and emotions. At his best, the King recognizes these modes even if he does not make and communicate his decisions in this way.

To be like this King, we assess rather than block feelings, and we do not allow ourselves to be controlled by them. Once the emotions are acknowledged, we can look at current reality analytically, assess options from a larger perspective, and identify how our personal choices might impact others. With this knowledge, we can plan for how to move along the course we have set for ourselves in the most effective and inclusive way. Being like Kings, we can make adjustments to our plans in considerations of others while still following the course that calls to our soul.  

COMMUNITY: How can I travel the course I have set so that it serves the good of the Whole?

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Out of challenge (experienced either personally or collectively), we find a way forward guided by a growing awareness of new possibility in our lives. We take a risk to set ourselves on a course toward renewal. We won’t travel alone; the Greater Than and those in our circles of connection accompany us. In deciding how to travel this new course, we balance our personal desires and needs with consideration of our impact on others to serve the good of the Whole. Harriet Tubman gives us a living example of how to live out the full potential of this month’s energy. Born a slave, she escaped to freedom in her late 20s, but returned over and over again to guide 300 people out of slavery. She never lost a passenger as a conductor on the Underground Railroad and left us all these words of advice: Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.

Note on the images: From HollyVoley’s 1909 Rider deck as shared on SacredTexts.com. The Rider Waite Smith deck is published today by U.S. Games.

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