Full Moon Revelation: The Hermit holds the Star


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The height of this moonth cycle comes on the February 19th full moon, and offers a revelation about how the lunar energies initiated by The Star on February 4th on are developing within us. Out of the revelation, we are issued an invitation to return a gift to the world in the final weeks of the lunar cycle.  

This full moon comes in the sign associated with the Tarot’s Hermit, a wisdom figure who withdraws from the human world to receive the guidance of the Greater Than. He then gathers that guidance into a form that can be shared with others. This sharing is commonly symbolized as a lantern containing a glowing star.

With the Hermit as our mentor, our encounter with The Star this moonth can ignite within us a message, a teaching, an artwork, a sending that we can offer to others.  

To mark the full moon and gather its wisdom, you might do one or combine all of these practices on nights around February 19th:

  • Take out any reading or your reflections from the new moon and look at them in a new light. How does your understanding of the cards shift now that time has passed and light has shifted? (If you haven’t done a reading yet, no problem, just do it now under the light of the full moon. You can try this one.
  • Bring out a Hermit card from a Tarot deck and connect it to your new moon reading / reflections. Make this card the start and/or the end of the sequence and adds its meaning into the story the cards are telling.
  • Moon bathe by sitting or lying under a window or outside on the ground. Let go of your thoughts and soak in the light.
  • Before sleeping ask for a dream that gives you a greater understanding of how you are already, and can best continue, attuning to the energies of the moonth.

When you are done, remember to offer gratitude for what you have received. Consider what gift you now want to return to the world. Pulling a card for guidance on what this gift is always a fine thing to do. In the coming weeks and before the moon returns to dark around March 5th offer your gift to the world.

Note on the image: From HollyVoley’s 1909 Rider deck as shared on SacredTexts.com. The Rider Waite Smith deck is published today by U.S. Games.

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