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Each new moon arrives at a specific place on the astrological Wheel of the Year, which corresponds to 3 Tarot cards that work together as a set to guide us in understanding the initiating energy of the moonth and opening ourselves to the wisdom offered. These three cards correspond to the Soul Path Practices spread used here throughout the year with the Gaian Tarot.

The new moon that arrived on Wednesday, the 6th, set us on the Path of the Moon through the Possible Action of the Nine of Water best met with the Posture of the Explorer of Water. This week the moon is waxing, allowing see how it is developing in our lives and issuing an invitation to align our daily our actions with celestial happenings to move with greater grace and ease through our days.

Path: The Moon

The Moon invites us to walk on pathways of…

  • Honoring natural cycles, particularly those which the moon shows us of dark to new, from waxing to full, from wanning to back again to dark.
  • Remembering that “one stage of life always succeeds another, and that a time of darkness is always followed by renewal” as Joanna Powell Colbert tells us in her Gaian Tarot companion book.
  • Tapping into a wild, dark, feminine mystery.
  • Tuning into the realms beyond through dreams, connecting with the ancestors, letting the natural world be your guide, or recognizing psychic messages.

Possible Action: Nine of Water

The Nine of Water offers us the possibility of emergence. Winter – the actual season or our soul reality – has been a dark cave. Perhaps of fertile gestation, significant struggle, or a mixture of both. But now a new light beckons. We may desire this light, sense that a new cycle is on the way, and still stand with uncertainty or fear. We’ve come to know the ways of the cave, but now we’ll have to change to walk in the light.  The last slippery, winding steps await us. How will we meet them? We can meet them with practices that support each small step forward. Consider engaging in one or more of these practices through this moonth that brings us out of winter and into spring:

  • Each morning go to the door of your house (i.e. cave), open it, spread out your arms, and welcome whatever is there.
  • Say a spoken prayer: use your favorite words/call on your favorite expressions of the Divine to give thanks or ask for help. You might make this a mantra or chant that you repeat throughout a day or the whole moonth.
  • Engage in contemplative prayer: direct your senses to soaking in what is happening in the natural world and see what wisdom comes to you.
  • Do a body prayer: put you body into the position of the Nine of Water woman (or other card of the moonth) to see what wisdom emerges from your body.
  • No prayer: just be, surrender to the moment, opening your soul self to the Mystery.
  • Creating your own devotional practice to honor Moon, Earth, Ocean, or Rock, and follow it for nine days.

Posture: Explorer of Water

The Explorer of Water invites us to follow our path and practices with attitudes that support being in the flow of life while letting go of the need to control what is happening. With this Explorer as our guide we come to know that relinquishing control is not a passive activity, but rather a different, more aligned way of engaging with the world as it is. The poet Rilke describes it as “no forcing, no holding back.” When we find this right balance between action and surrender, we are better able to ride on the wild waves of our emotions, our daily life, and any chaos that comes toward us. Our trust in self and world is strengthened, not because everything turns out the way we want but because we find we can move through the challenges that come our way.

The reading of the moonth inspired by these cards is:

EMERGENCE: What cycle of change am I emerging from?  

FLOW: How do I meet and flow through this emergence?

GROWTH: How will I grow from moving with this flow?

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