Heart Connecting with the Ancestors Meditation


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You can follow these prompts to have a meditative encounter with your radiant ancestors. 

Turn your attention inward. Taking a meditative posture, closing your eyes, and tuning into the flow of your breath are common and helpful practices. 

Bring your attention to the places where your body is connected to the earth through the surface that is supporting you. Feel/imagine the energy of the earth rising up through your body. Follow its movement from feet through legs, from the base of your spine through your belly and into your solar plexus. When the earth energy reaches your heart, let it pool there and sense how the earth energy expands your heart energy. Take some time making and basking in the connection of earth and heart energy.

Bring your attention above you. Feel / imagine the energy of the Above. Perhaps you visualize or sense in some way this energy as a glowing orb above you. Then from this orb, strands or sparkles of energy are flowing down to you. They come to your crown and it is almost as if there is an opening there through which they enter. Perhaps they come in as colors of silver or gold or have a sound or special feeling. Imagine the energy flowing down through your head, through your throat, and into your heart. Let the energy pool there, mixing with your heart energy and the earth energy. Let it expand your heart even further. You sense or feel the expansion through tingling in this area of your body or through seeing green waves coming out through you.

Now the mixed energy of the Above, heart, and earth is rising up, passing through your throat, moving behind your eyes and forehead, stimulating that place known as the 3rd eye through which you can see beyond the surface of everyday things. This energy reaches the crown of you and flows out like a fountain spills out. You might imagine this energy spilling out of you as surrounding you with a spray of color. Perhaps the green and/or rose, the colors of the heart.

You take a few moments to bask in the feeling of being surrounded and protected by this loving energy.

Then you send your awareness out into the Beyond. With your imaginal senses, you are reaching out to and connecting with your Beloved Dead and your loving ancestors. You might imagine yourself traveling back through generations of ancestors to meet those far back ancestors who are radiant in the dark because of their love and wisdom. Take time to greet each one you perceive and give them “a long loving look.” Open yourself up to receive their love. You might ask them for guidance or to send healing through the generations and into our world. You might just spend time being in their presence. 

When it feels right, take your leave with words or a gesture of gratitude. With your imaginal senses, let yourself come back into your body. Bring your attention to your crown. Imagine a flower there and then perceived its petals closing like a flower closes itself up for the night. Know that you are sealing the energy into you to aid you in your waking life. Now bring your attention to the base of your spine and your feet. Imagine flowers there and then they close sealing the energy into your to aid you in walking forward on your soul path.

Bring your palms together in front of your heart. You can bow your head toward your palms and half open your eyes. Begin to move your palms over each other slowly at first and then faster. Open your eyes fully. Throw your hands up over your head and arrive back fully awake and alert. 

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