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New moons offer us initiating energy that we can explore throughout the moonth, aligning our own energy and desires with what is happening in the wider cosmos. Each moonth I look to the Tarot’s astrological correspondences to guide musings on soul tending as well as creation of a moonthly reading. The reading can be done any time, but ideally between the new and full moons. Revisit the cards you pull periodically up until the next lunation to gain new insight as the light changes. This new moon arrives over the night of April 22nd to 23rd  (exact at 10:25pm ET on the 22nd).

This moonth we are invited to walk the path and receive the wisdom of the Hierophant, the card associated with this new moon’s arrival on Wednesday night in the astrological sign of Taurus.

From a first look at the iconic image of the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, we may see guidance to be authoritative in our teachings and to embrace our leadership ability in matters of the spiritual.

a 1909 card scanned by Holly Voley and retrieved from Sacred Texts. Deck available from US Games

But on its own, this understanding of the Hierophant is incomplete; it lacks acknowledgement of who the Hierophant serves. 

Hierophants are teachers of and conduits for what is Greater Than than themselves. Although granted authority – and sometimes great power – within human institutions, the source of their authority is not personal, it comes from the Divine.

When we add another layer of pattern making from astrology, we discover that the power of the true Hierophant comes from service to the Divine Feminine. Each astrological sign is ruled by a planet. Taurus is ruled by Venus associated with the Tarot’s Empress.

The Empress is the creative life force, the Great Mother, the Earth which gives us what we need to live.

From Tarot Roots of Asia (out-of-print)

If Hierophants – caught up in power granted by institutions or unquestioning support of those below them in the hierarchy – lose their grounding in service to the Empress and Her causes, they are corrupted and their vision impaired. Taken to an extreme, they do terrible things.

Last moonth we tended to our power-from-within, bringing it forth to join with others for a power-with that can counter the destructive forces of power-over.This moonth, we are reminded from where our power flows, yes, from within, but also from beyond, and always in service to something greater than just our personal desires. As we open to receive the flow, our power connects with Divine power, and we can move through our lives and share our gifts and wisdom like a Hierophant aligned with the Empress.

This moonth’s questions invite you to better understand and develop a relationship with your service to the Divine:

SERVICE: What face of the Greater Than asks for your service and devotion this moonth? (Process suggestion: Use the Majors or a deck that shows Divine figures on all the cards such as the Dark Goddess Tarot for this question.)

RECEIVE: How can you open up to receive Their guidance and support?

SHARE: What wisdom will you be able to share with others out of this encounter?

I offer this as an e-reading in my collaborative intitituve format for $23. I generally have reading slots open on Mondays and Saturdays. Feel free to check in with me about my availability.

The work of cultivating connection to the Divine Mother isn’t completed just at the time of the new moon. When the full moon comes on May 7th, you’ll be invited to experience the Life-Death-Rebirth cycle through which the Divine Mother guides us. Look for lunar posts here on the blog and/or on the Soul Path Sanctuary Facebook page and sign up for my list to get these moonthly missives regularly.

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