Full Moon Revelation: The Hierophant Stands Before Death


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The height of this lunar cycle comes in the days around the full moon arriving on May 7th (exact at 6:45am ET), and offers a revelation about how the energies initiated on the April 22nd new moon are developing. That new moon, guided by its association with The Hierophant who is ruled by the Empress invited us to consider who and what we serve. Out of the full moon revelation, we are issued an invitation to return a gift to the world in the final weeks of the cycle.  

The astro-Tarot correspondences align this full moon with Death. The pattern of cards and the times we find ourselves in reminded me of a Wisdom Reading Rachel Pollack and I did with The Raziel Tarot in 2016 to explore the meaning of Destiny, Fate and Fortune. Read the original post or watch this video.

To gain gather your own wisdom from the encouter of the Hierophant with Death, you can engage with one, some, or all of these practices:

Moon bathe by sitting or lying under a window or outside on the ground. Feel the unique strength of the moon’s light. Let go of your thoughts and soak in the glow.

Take out any reading or your reflections from the new moon and look at them in a new light. How does your understanding of the cards shift now that time has passed and light has shifted? (If you haven’t done a reading yet, no problem, just do it now under the light of the full moon. You can try the one included in the new moon post.)

Bring out The Hierophant and Death cards from your Tarot deck and connect them to your new moon reading / reflections. You could place/imagine these cards on either side of your reading or above and below, and then look at how they add meaning into the story your original cards offered you. 

Do a personal reading on destiny, fate, and fortune under the May full moon with questions of:

  • Who/what Face(s) of the Greater Than do you serve? [Reading tip: If you pulled a card for this in the new moon reading, use it here again as well.]
  • What advice does this Greater Than have for meeting the current winds of fortune blowing?
  • What next step(s) does this Greater Than invite you to take for traveling toward your destiny singing a song of life? 

You may want to engage in Visio Divina to find the layers of wisdom within the cards.

When you are done, remember to offer gratitude for what you have received. Consider what gift you now want to return to the world. Pulling a card for guidance on the gift is always a fine thing to do. In the coming weeks and before the moon returns to dark around May 20th, offer your gift to the world.

Programming Note: We are also entering into the height of the solar cycle. May 24th brings the start of the Summer Solstice-hinged e-retreat Walking the Ways of the Summer Light to attune us to the revelations and gifts of the season. You are invited to join us for wisdom wandering and pilgrimage. all the details are here.

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