May 24th Opening of the Summer Solstice Season


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Free Call Walking the Ways of the Summer Light
Free Call Walking the Ways of the Summer Light
Learn about the themes, practices, and benefits of Walking the Ways. Sunday, May 24th at 4pm via Zoom. Recorded for later viewing.
Price: $0.00

We must be still and still moving

Into another intensity

For a further union, a deeper communion

T.S. Eliot 

For the past 6 years we’ve Walked the Ways around the Summer Solstice. A solid container for practice, reflection, and wisdom seeking has been created as we follow the same pattern of activities. Yet each year is unique because each of us wanderers is in a different place in our lives. And this year, the Ways takes place amidst a global pandemic. 

This year’s Walking the Ways won’t be normal – and that will be a good thing. 

I don’t want to go back to normal. The normal of the past is the place from which the pain of the pandemic springs. When Yesbelt Fernandez and I realized we had the same view of the pandemic’s potential, we decided to work together on the Ways this year. 

We’d started commiserating about the cancellation of the annual Tarot conference for which we’d been preparing to lead rituals. Now we wondered how to use the Dandelion tincture she had created inspired by the Herbcrafters Tarot Fool’s association with his powerful healer sometimes confused as a weed. 

Maybe we were inspired by this golden, persistent Fool in the form of a flower to say to each other that we want transformation instead of normal. We want our systems to re-orient toward sharing, service, and love rather than hoarding, greed, and corruption. We won’t go back, but instead begin a new cycle with fresh minds and audacious ideas. That’s the invitation of The Fool.

The Fool will be our special guide for this Walking the Ways. With The Fool as our guide, we will be in movement, but a different kind of movement. 

Yes, we’ll wisdom wander toward the Solstice – remembering that wandering can also include sitting on our doorstep or looking out a window- but the real movement to notice will be interior. Even when we go on pilgrimage, we’ll be staying close to our physical homes because what is really important is connecting for this e-treat is exploring the “home” of our own inner self: our passions, emotions, imaginations, commitments.

We may not be physically close, but there will be an energetic and virtual connection between participants so we can support each other to keep focused on the path of transformation. This can balance out the news and stressors still coming from the pandemic reality. 

Want to get an introduction to the practices, benefits, and activities of the whole season? Then join Yesbelt and me for a session offered free of charge and as a gift to you on Sunday, May 24th at 4pm ET. (Can’t come at that time? You can still sign up and we’ll send you a link to the recording.) 

We’ll begin in an experiential way with a mediation to connect with the elements of earth, air, water, and fire that inspired the 4 weeks of question seeking and wisdom wandering toward the Summer Solstice. 

We’ll spend time communing with the healing energy and Tarot associations of Dandelion, and you’ll leave with instructions for creating your own Dandelion vinegar for ritual use (or splashing on to your summer salads!) 

Yesbelt and I will share suggestions and stories for wisdom wandering in urban and wild settings – and right around the place where you live – to inspire you in creating a practice of sacred travel this Solstice season. 

This is the first session of the e-retreat and we’ll end by setting intentions for the season. 

If you are wondering if Walking the Ways is a match for you, come on along and explore. 

The Details

Time: Sunday, May 24th at 4pm ET

Location: Our place, your place, and on Zoom

Will it be recorded for sharing later? Yes with those who have siged up for this or past Solstice e-retreats.

How to participate? If you are already signed up for the Walking the Ways, you are signed up for this session. If you are not signed up, just click below. 

Free Call Walking the Ways of the Summer Light
Free Call Walking the Ways of the Summer Light
Learn about the themes, practices, and benefits of Walking the Ways. Sunday, May 24th at 4pm via Zoom. Recorded for later viewing.
Price: $0.00

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May 22, 2020, 8:37 am Lezli

Thank you!

May 24, 2020, 2:54 pm Carolyn Cushing

You are welcome!

May 24, 2020, 2:07 pm Joan Flynn

I’m sorry I won’t be able to attend this lovely ceremony but I would certainly appreciate the link to the recording. Thank you.

May 24, 2020, 2:55 pm Carolyn Cushing

I added you to the list.

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