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Before the moon is made new on June 21 at 2:41am ET during Solstice weekend, it returns to the place on the astrological Wheel where it began its moonthly journey. The energy gathered through the moonth now flows away into moonless nights. What will you send with this energy to be transformed in the dark?

The moonth we are concluding began and now ends in Gemini which corresponds to the Tarot’s Lovers card. In the Dark Goddess Tarot The Lovers is Freya, the Norse Goddess of Love and Beauty. Ellen Lorenzi-Prince, creator of the Dark Goddess Tarot, description of Her includes:

She is a magician and a shapeshifter, and she teaches the power of charms and spells to the younger gods. She becomes chief of the Valkyries, the divine warrior maidens who choose heroes from among the fallen, and bring them to drink thereafter at the table of the father god Odin or at her own table, which is equal in majesty.

Freya and her Valkyries hold the balance of life and death and their judgements of the dead determine their place in eternity. The Valkyries’ immense power shapes the worlds of the living and the dead.  

And Freya does her work with style. She wears the necklace Brisingamen, the most beautiful piece of jewelry in the world crafted by dwarves in their underground cave. The dwarves know how to bring the depths of the earth into beautiful form and Freya encircles herself with this beauty. 

To convey the essence of Freya, Ellen tells us: Love is power made beautiful. 

Linking love and power is as beautiful as Brisingamen. It dazzles and shows the immensity of love, rescues it from being confined to only the sentimental and individualistic.  This is the kind of warrior love that acts to serve the Whole. This is the fierce active love that has flowed from the Black Lives Matter protests that are continuing across the country. This is a love for the challenging times we live in. We want to celebrate any time in the past moonth when we have flowed with such love.

And we want to release where we have fallen short in the call to this kind of love. The writer and Holocoust survivor Elie Wiesel said: “The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference.” To be indifferent requires no power at all. To be indifferent in times and places where love is absent, under attack, or resisted is to leave love to perish. Even if we are not personally touched by the effects, our soul’s shrink if we do not defend love. Everything becomes ugly. 

This moonth the 18th – 20th present the optimal time for engaging in reflection and ritual to honor the ways our love has been both beautiful and powerful this moonth and to release indifference and its impacts.  


At the top of a sheet of paper, you could write a continuum with Power in the center flanked by Love and Indifference. Next to Love write Beauty and Next to Indifference Ugly. Like this

Beauty ← Love ←         Power        → Indifference → Ugly

Now look back on the happenings of the moonth that began on May 22nd Feel free to use personal, community, national, global happenings. If you journal, you’ll have a handy record for your personal memories, but even just looking back at your appointment calendar can jog your mind about what’s been going on in the past few weeks. Cluster under the headings above phrases that express the happenings of moonth and where they fit. 

If you need help coming up with ideas, you can always turn over Tarot and oracle cards to show you images to inspire ideas.

Be gentle with yourself as you do this. Times are crazy. Indifference is a defense for the overload of the news of the world. But as you reflect, you are invited to think about what you’d like to replace indifference with. Perhaps a feeling flow which allows you to see, acknowledge, feel, and release. 

When your clustering and mapping are complete, let yourself be for a while with the beautiful love you nurtured this moonth. You might reflect on what made this possible – and think about how to keep building that into your life. You might offer gratitude to others, the Divine, and/or yourself for this love and its impacts. You might finish with creating a small art work or saying a closing prayer.

Take your side of indifference and the ugly into the dark moon release ritual.

Dark Moon Release Ritual

Create sacred space by lighting a candle, imagining that you are ringed with a circle of protection, and/or your usual actions.

You can invite Freya and/or the face of Greater Than that you have been serving this moonth to with you and aid you in this dark moon release. Spend as much time as you need connecting with Them.

Then use your imagination to see before you the part of your paper that mapped your indifference. You might imagine it growing larger, being like a wall. But as you contemplate this wall of indifference, you recognize that you can break through it. In your imaginal, meditative state, do this in whatever way comes to you (poking through what is paper thin, taking a hammer to knock out heavy bricks, seeing it explode with fireworks …). When the wall is broken, let yourself feel the flood of love that comes toward you. Imagine it entering your body. 

When you come out of your meditative state you may want to rip up your Indifference side of the paper into very small bits and release them into water. 

After you have completed your releasing, tune into your body, feeling it lighter. Re-center yourself by connecting with earth below you and the sky above you. Feel their energy mix in your heart. Be open to a blessing coming to you from Freya and/or your face of the Greater Than.

When the new moon arrives, you may want to make wishes for your love will be beautiful in the moonth to come. Be sure to write them down to revisit at the end of the moonth. 

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