Celebrating the Summer Solstice


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Ancient sun, eternally young,

giver of life and source of energy,

In coal and oil, in plant and wind and tide,

in spiritual light and human embrace.

You kindle the heavens, you shine within us

(for we are suns with hearts afire –

we light the world as you light the sky

and find clouds within whose shadows are dark);

We give thanks for your rays and clouds your rays draw up,

for the sky route your travel faithfully as we traverse the globe,

For your journey of earth which draws us together,

For our journey of dreams which sustains us when apart. 

Congregation of Abraxas from Earth Prayers

The Solstice comes at one moment in time (5:43pm ET on Saturday, June 20th in the Northern Hemisphere), but outward from that moment ripples a whole season influenced by the abundance of light and the life that it makes possible. Across time and cultures, people have observed the Summer Solstice with festivities and observances of this height of the sun’s light, including

  • Standing in the sunlight at noon and revealing in its energy.
  • Planting or tending to a flower, herb, or tree.
  • Eating a fabulous meal of seasonal food.
  • Attending or creating (safely) a bonfire or fireworks show.
  • Dancing, singing, and celebrating with family and community.

Here at the peak of the solar cycle, we also are invited to check in on what we have been bringing forth throughout the first half of this year marked by the mixing of Emperor and Great Mother energy. We can look back at what we sensed coming out from the dark of Winter Solstice and see in the full light what has become real.  

Here are three options for focusing your check in: 

Bring out your Solstice Seed selected on the Winter Solstice during Descent and Return of the Light. For most of us that was a Tarot card pulled that day.


Work with your Major Arcana Lesson card of the year calculated by adding your birthday to 2020 and reducing until you have a number under 21. (Want more info on the lesson card? Lori of Inner Goddess Tarotcan walk you through the math and meaning.)


Pull a card today in response to a question like: What have I been bringing forth this year?


Carry this card with you as you celebrate the Solstice. Let it soak up the light along with you. Ponder how this seed / card / lesson is becoming real within your life and what gifts it is offering to you. Let it be illuminated.


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