New Moon at Solstice: To renew ourselves in illumination


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Our Summer Solstice moment (exact at 5:43pm ET on Saturday, the 20th) with its height of light is followed shortly by the new moon’s emergence in the dark (exact at 2:41am ET on Sunday, the 21st). Dark and light are dancing together at this half-way point of the solar year. They are inviting us to mix their lunar dark and solar light energy together: to renew ourselves in illumination. 

The new moon comes in the place on the astrological Wheel of the Year associated with The Chariot (our path through the moonth), 2 of Cups (our passage and call to practice), and Queen of Cups (our posture). 

In the DustIIOnyx Tarot, the 2 of Gourds shows a union of wholeness through the gourds balanced and resting on a pearl at the figure’s crown. Visionary deck creator Courtney Alexander writes about the pearl: “Throughout human history, pearls have represented ideals of faith, innocence, purity, spiritual transformation, and wisdom. It is with this wisdom we learn to operate and work together.”

This moonth calls us to work together as we follow the path of the Chariot or as it is named in DustIIOnxy, the Rider. Our work together will require both balance and will to move forward despite obstacles. Ms. Alexander tells us: Whenever there is doubt or a requirement for a quick adaptation on your route, dial into the divine GPS, your spiritual source to center you again and put you back on the path. Ride on fiercely, bravely, and boldly to the place that you are called and know that all will work out in your favor.” 

We ride with the attitude of the Queen of Cups or Mama Gourd as she is known in DustIIOnyx. Mama Gourd copes with the obstacles on the path and her own difficult emotions not by pushing them away but by meeting them, acknowledging them, and using their energy. Mama Gourd is inspired by the work of the poet Nikki Giovanni who offers advice for working through one of the most difficult emotions that seeks to derail us on the journey: fear. She writes: 

Maybe what will really work is if we all have a fear tree in our backyard or a small fear plant growing on our apartment windowsill. When we are feeling uneasy we pluck a few leaves and find the right place to put them. Champagne would be the number one choice but spaghetti works, too. Have a little fear at least once a week and you will build up your resistance. Like a vaccination. Then, when wars and hatreds come along you’ll be able to recognize that’s just another expression of Fear. No thanks, I’ve had my quota.

Fear loses its hold when we become familiar with it. Fear is like the irritant the oyster encounters and then coats with pearl essence. The irritant still exists but it is transformed into a jewel. 

To explore what jewel you have been creating in this first half of the solar year and look to what can emerge in the second half of the year, you are invited to do this special Solstice – New Moon spread:

PEARL: What is the pearl you have formed in this first half of the year? 

CELEBRATE: How to celebrate this pearl at Solsticetide?

SHARE: What does this pearl call you to share with the world in the second half of the year? 

I offer this as an e-reading in my collaborative intitituve format for $23. I generally have reading slots open on Mondays and Saturdays. Feel free to check in with me about my availability.


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